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August 13 2014

Character actors have an important message for Hollywood. A public service announcement featuring Anthony Stewart Head and others.

Gotta agree with them. Dunno how many times I've said "Hey! That' know" just because I recognized the actor (or actress) but couldn't place their name. Shoot, I just watched Shakespeare in Love for the first time and said "Mr. Weasley!" "Dolores Umbrage!" "Q!" (Well, actually, I did say "Dame Judi," but still.)

How many people know what Doug Jones actually looks like? Stop putting him in makeup or altering his appearance with CGI and let the man be himself!

I do love the import Tony put behind his name.
I can't tell if they are being serious or if this is meant as a joke?!?

Anyway, I knew the names of 4 out of these 10 actors.
That's awesome!

Where's Mike Starr in these character actor videos? I know it would be obnoxious to cut and paste his IMDB film/tv appearances (so I didn't) but check it out, you'll be surprised. He's been in SO MANY of my favorites.

Anyone else see the character actor documentary, That Guy... Who Was in That Thing? Saw it recently and it was quite entertaining.

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Speaking of character actors, Enver Gjokaj was on "Extant" tonight, again being seriously underused.
Missing: William Fichtner and Paul Bettany (I know, I know - he's the Vision now but still!)

Guess I'm a fan of character actors cause I knew almost all those guys.

p.s. ShadowQuest thanks for giving Doug Jones a name ;)
Doug Jones is also a Buffy alum. He was one of The Gentlemen in "Hush". The text should reflect that. :)
Enver Gjokaj was also in the last episode of Rizzoli & Isles, as the date of Isles.
I suspect that was just Enver's introduction to Extant.
Awww man, I had just given up on Extant the episode before... bah
There's a good interview documentary about the lives and careers of male character actors (currently on Hulu for the U.S.: called "That Guy... Who Was in That Thing," with Xander Berkeley (24), Bruce Davison (X-Men), and many others including the father of Firefly's Mark Sheppard: William Morgan Sheppard (Doctor Who).

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I really hope it was just an introduction to him. He had more personality in that one scene than all the other characters put together.
Enver Gjokai in an episode of "Hawaii Five-0" which I've been binge-watching. Other Whedonverse actors have shown up including Dichen Lachman and in a role that might have been written for her, as a secret expert in a Hawaiian martial arts form, Summer Glau. And in the very first episode, that guy from that show, what was his name, oh yeah, James Marsters.
RE: Whedonverse actors in "Hawaii Five-O" ...main cast in 94 episodes, Daniel Dae Kim, AKA Wolfram & Hart's own Gavin Park.
Speaking of character actors, Enver Gjokaj was on "Extant" tonight, again being seriously underused.

The guy who plays the head of Security on Extant guested on Angel and Dollhouse.
QingTing, right, how could I have failed to mention that? I think it's because he is a regular cast member and not a guest, the element of pleasant surprise at seeing another familiar face isn't there.

Also, not directly Whedonverse but we have a lot of Battlestar Gallactica fans here, another regular cast member is Grace Park, who played Boomer/Athena, and one of the things I love about Hawaii Five-0 is the fact that she plays such a kickass female character. Everytime I see her fight I think, "She fights just like a girl - if the girl happened to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I honestly think that female characters like Park's Kono Kalakua on H5-0 are the direct descendants of Buffy, that with Buffy, Joss really did break the limitations on how women could be portrayed in action roles. I think a large part of the appeal of the series for me is that it fills that slot that Buffy did, of showing a woman able to defend herself and others around her in all situations.

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