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August 14 2014

Joss Whedon's filmography: what's been found, and what hasn't. An exhaustive list of Joss's produced, unproduced, and rumored scripts he has written throughout his career.

His next TV gig. "Fun for Kids," "Small Surprises" and "The Plague."
Availability: Haven't seen them anywhere.

One of his episodes of Parenthood, Small Surprises, is apparently available for viewing at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. I've been meaning to check it out for a while now. So, not exactly easily-accessible, but if you're in LA with some time to kill, doable.

Great list, though.
If I missed any, please let me know. Also, if any links should not be there, let me know that as well.

I don't know Joss' thoughts on people reading his screenplays. For me, it's a fascinating look into the thought processes of the writer, an invaluable guide to learning how to write screenplays myself, and often an interesting look at how movies change from inception to screen.
If that Wonder Woman script is legit, by the way... wow. Really exciting find.
Did he get as far as writing the scripts for Batman and Iron Man?
Batman was only ever a pitch, as far as I can tell--since he was one of several writers called in to pitch the reboot, it'd be jumping the gun a bit to write a draft when they hadn't hired him. Never knew he had involvement with Iron Man, though.
Quick search on the internet says he wrote a treatment for Iron Man but had to back out. I would like to see if Joss wrote anything for that Larry Niven/Jerry Pournelle magic show that never was.
Is that the original Buffy movie script by Joss or the one changed by the director?
Really excellent work on this C.A. Bridges!
Have you considered adding his writing contributions to comics as well? I suppose that could be a separate list. His work as a songwriter could be another list as well.
The forum there is for screenwriters, so I stuck with screenwriting.

Some of the dates listed are guestimates.

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I don't know if it was the original Joss one, but I once read a Buffy movie script online and was quite different from the movie, especially how . Off the top of my head I remember that Buffy says "...marry Charlie Sheeen and die", instead of Christian Slater which ended up in the film.
If that Wonder Woman script is legit, by the way... wow. Really exciting find.

It's legit.
A Night Alone (1986)... Whedon won't let the film be shown

Ok, but, it have ever surfaced anywhere, because if yes, this means it may be found yet.

Buffy the Animated Series

Has anyone asked to Jane Espenson, Steve DeKnight, Drew Greenberg and Doug Petrie if they could release the scripts?

In Your Eyes... Haven't seen it online

However, it IS online.
I believe he's talking about the script of In Your Eyes, Brasilian Chaos Man... unless you have info the rest of us don't.
Thank you for the clarification, sumogrip. I mistakely assumed the text was talking about the movie.
If the Wonder Woman script is legit, can we have a discussion thread about it? I loved it!
It is posted illegally without Joss's consent (if it is real), so I don't think a discussion thread would be appropriate.
I don't mind articles that are reviews of scripts. I do object to entries pointing to where the scripts can be found.
Agreed, a worthwhile distinction.
I tried to sign up to the message board, but keep getting rejected on the false grounds that I'm a spammer. Does anyone have the script(s) for Afterlife and/or Suspension (or alternative links to them) and can send them to me?

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