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August 15 2014

'Not Another High School Show' pilot features Buffy parody (NSFW). Alison Brie plays a parody of Buffy Summers in the failed pilot.

Love Allison Brie, love a good Buffy parody. Unfortunately... this follows in the vein of the "Not Another..." films.
Awesome. I had hoped that this would end up on youtube eventually. Cool seeing two of my favorite actresses together, but they both went on to better things.
I find it ironic when parodies try to parody other parodies. For example, Scary Movie parodying SCREAM. SCREAM itself is a partial-parody of 70s/80s slashers. Likewise, Buffy is a partial-parody of the horror genre as well. It takes a lot of cleverness to parody a parody, and this attempt is a failure (although I love Allison Brie).
I liked Alison Brie's voice impersation of SMG, that would be about it. Graham Norton's Poofy the Vampire Slayer sketch is far better but it's not for sensitive souls or for work either (Link:).
So I'm not really clear-- there were only two "Not Another" movies and they didn't have anything remotely in common right? (Other than I guess Community alum since I'm pretty sure Chevy Chase was in the newest one while Brie's got this TV spinoff pilot.)

I seem to be convinced that the first Teen Movie was pretty funny and actually a better version of She's All That than the original but I don't know if I'm just tricking myself since I liked Chris Evans early on. (And being vastly better than the later "Adjective Movies" still might not be saying much.)
You're not alone, orangewaxlion. I'm not a fan of the parody genre and I surprisingly enjoyed Chris Evan's Not Another Teen Movie as well.
The 2000s produced a huge line of parody films that range from mediocre to down right awful (ex. Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Date Movie, Another Gay Movie, Disaster Movie, Vampires Suck, Super Hero Movie, etc.)

I do agree that Not Another Teen Movie is actually one of the more watchable ones.
This clip is great. Even with poor material, Allison Brie is funny.
Alison Brie's impersonation of SMG is actually quite good, though it's kind of ruined by the unfunny writing. Her costumes are also a good imitation of S1-Buffy.
I have to give them props for the setting; the library, hallway, and outside garden all look like they could come straight from Sunnydale High.
Simon, that Graham Norton clip is great, thanks for sharing.
Yes, the Poofy sketch is far funnier. I wish it had shown the whole thing. Of course it did have the advantage of featuring A. Head.
Alison nails it, though it was spectacularly unfunny. The crossbow scene was chuckle worthy and a good stunt.
Yeah, I agree. It is a failed pilot after all.
I just watched this on FB. I'm not gonna lie, I chuckled.
Is there a full version of this somewhere ?

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