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August 15 2014

'Firefly' featured among's uncanceled shows poll. The half season wonder competes among other television darlings (including others starring and/or written by Whedon alums) for title of most beloved canceled show.

Oh geez...Firefly just had to be up against Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! Two shows I would love to see uncancelled facing off (or facing off this soon...why couldn't have been a finale vote?!) against each other for my're all bastards, Hitfix!

Wonderfalls loosing in the first round!
It still hearts again.
@BlueEyedBrigadier, I was thinking the exact same thing...although I still voted for Firefly of course :)
I wonder how they determine the brackets because I think before, in a previous round maybe, Firefly was up against The Borgias I had heard? Which I thought was a bit odd.
Gah, TSCC without even thinking, because man, that cliffhanger o.O
What's the point? Actually, I thought they were both great shows and hated to see them cancelled.

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