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August 16 2014

Zoe Kazan stars in "What If". Zoe Kazan from In Your Eyes is one of the stars of romantic comedy What if, released in the UK next week. Someone called Daniel Radcliffe also appears.

This movie is also called The F Word in some areas (like Canada, where it also appears next week).
Actually, I guess Canada is the only country where it retains its original movie title. It's What If in the US too.
I was at an early screening and the director asked what the audience thought of the title 'What If'. Nobody clapped (may have been a few boos). Asked about The F Word, and we all clapped. So that may have some influence on the title in Canada.
Romantic comedies are not usually my favorite thing, but the two leads are charming and seem to have great chemistry, judging from the trailer. Looks quite enjoyable.

The F Word is a more fun title though. Wish they'd stuck with that.
I read the original idea was to call it The Friend Zone, but they decided that would be too controversial.

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