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August 18 2014

Nathan Fillion takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness. This is the current craze sweeping the Internet. If you want to know about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) then head over to the ALS Association website. And Tom Hiddleston has also done the challenge as has Eliza Dushku and David Boreanaz.

Congrats, Nathan

no one had challenged me ((and I am tooooo old to stand the shock)) but I donated
Nasty nasty disease - I heard donations were through the roof compared to last year. Good for them, and kudos to all who participated - there are quire a few clever ones out there
Please someone challenge SMG and Jennifer Lawrence. XD

Edit: And Nathan didn't do it all the all. He didn't even wet his hair!

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"Not the Hair...Never the Hair!" ;)
Yeah, I was disappointed. Hardly any ice in the bucket. Wimpy.
Just saw on twitter that Tom Hiddleston responded. He then nominated Benedict Cumberbatch and someone else. (Sorry, I don't have the link here.)
Madmolly - Yeah lots of people not bothering with the ice part. Tom Hiddleston did though as NYPinTA said. Here's the link. Not sure how to embed links but copy and paste.
Thanks I'd added it to the entry.
In truth though if the water one puts the ice in is very warm and they add the ice just before it gets tossed it could be warmer than someone that fills their bucket with cold water and skips the ice... I mean, where are the quality controls on these challenges? Are there no rules!? ;p
If we can just put Whedon related links to the challenge here, Eliza did it as well:
Ah, as far as for how wet Nathan got, I'm probably going to blame Mr. Trucco and the way he threw the water for that one.
And apparently David Boreanaz did the challenge as well,
Thanks, I've added those as well.
Jamie Alexander as well. Maybe getting a bit distant from Whedonworld, but hey, she did reprise Sif on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Ok,'s the thing I don't get: Someone dumps a bucket of ice water (presumably an homage to dumping the bucket of Gatorade over a winning coach's head) on themselves, or has someone throw the water at them, then they challenge other people to do it...OR donate. So...why does anyone do the ice bucket? Why not just do what President Obama did when Ethel Kennedy, Senator Kennedy's widow, challenged him, and just do the donation? Raises more money that way, which is the whole point, yeah?

I mean, if someone gave me the option "Dump frozen water over your head, or donate money," I know which one I'd go with.

If they have to donate AFTER they get doused, then that's something else entirely.
ShadowQuest, I believe the point of celebrities doing the cold shower AND the donation is to get more press/awarness to the cause. If it was just the money giving campain less people would know. Today, even a Bazilian morning host from the biggest TV network did it, with other celebrities.
So far Eliza is in the lead imo. She really manned up! :)

The original challenge was either donate a lot, or donate LESS and dump the ice over your head. Either way you're still donating.

And the celebs tend to be donating a lot in addition to the ice water.
I learned today that the original purpose of the ice water idea was to mimic the feeling of the numbing that takes effect in ALS sufferers.
dizmo Ah, thanks for that. The article on Huff Po about the President donating instead of dumping made it seem as if you did one or the other, not one and the other.

Brasilian Chaos Man The celebrities only bring awareness to it if you bother clicking on the articles about people dumping ice water on their heads. Since most of the ones I've seen say nothing about ALS (the headlines, I mean) I had no clue why anyone was doing it - I figured it was "just another one of those silly internet things." still is, but with a reason.

Now, if any of these fine folks feel like jumping into the middle of a frozen lake in March, I know of a fantastic tech college right on a lake...

Trust me - until you've taken a Polar Bear Plunge you have NO idea what ice water feels like. Especially if you're one of the later ones to go, and you've been standing on the ice for a half-hour in nothing but shorts & a T-shirt (Well, nearly nothing) and then they wrap that soaking wet harness around you and you cannonball into the hole they cut in the ice and sink into 35-degree water...
Though it seems like a silly stunt, it is actually being very successful in raising both awareness of ALS/MND (as I've seen many people post that they had never heard of the disease before) and has raised a significant amount of money. Though it would be awesome if the celebrities participating could make more of a mention that it's a fundraiser - not just a challenge - and encourage watchers to donate also.

From the latest press release at "As of Monday, August 18, The ALS Association has received $15.6 million in donations compared to $1.8 million during the same time period last year (July 29 to August 18). These donations have come from existing donors and 307,598 new donors to The Association."
I initially found it shocking that so many were unfamiliar with the disease. It was very well known to us boomers. It was known as
Lou Gherig's disease and most of us knew that even if we did not like baseball or the Gary Cooper movie of his life. But times change I guess.
Almost the whole MCU has done it by now, since they all work together. RDJ challenged Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt challenged Dave Bautista, who challenged James Gunn, who challenged Michael Rooker, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, and the entire country of Thailand (where he is right now). And Vin Diesel accepted and counter-challenged James Gunn to plant a tree for Groot. It's all in fun, and I'm glad ALS is getting a lot of donations and raising awareness.

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Yes this is Chris's

He issued a challenge to Mark and Jeremy (I think someone for Water Defense already did it on Mark's behalf because he's out of reach. Awareness for the water pollution as well).
ShadowQuest, I believe the problem with jumping in a frozen lake would be the need of a frozen lake near. Since this movement had grown outside USA, (not only here, in Brazil, but the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, from Portugal had done it) many places don't have the weather to that and as the challenge requires an 24 hour period, the practice of the ice buckett seems important. Also, I believe that the campaign becomes so popular because you can see a celebrity in a funny situation in benefit of a good cause. If there were people experencing the real pain of frozen water to mimic the diesease, the videos would be a little morbid and the chock could bring the viewers away.
SMG opted to donate $250 instead.
Chris Hemsworth who accepted RDJs challenge and nominated Evans, Ruffalo and Renner.

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