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August 19 2014

Cover art for the first Angel & Faith Season Nine Library Edition. This volume will be out on March 24th.


Angel hasn't worn a white tshirt since the early years of Buffy. And certainly not during A&F.

It's like he's an Abercrombie and Fitch model:-)
I still can't beleive how freakin cheaps these things are. These are amazing well crafted books! I don't think there is a better bang for your buck in the entire comic book industry.
Compared to how pricy "Absolute editions" from other publishers are, these are really a bargain.

Wished Faith was more prominent on the cover, considering she shares the title head with Angel.
I can't wait.

I agree with the comment about Faith not featuring too prominently, I hope next volume is Faith featuring.

I'm still waiting to see how they choose to handle the minis.

I love how cheap these are as well, they're so cheap that I'm considering rebuying S8V4 because the cover on one side is a little bent.
I wish we knew how many issues will be in each volume.
That is one pretty Angel picture. But is that Drusilla in front? Faith in the back? Seems odd.
libradude, the Buffy S9 volume has 10 issues - A&F will almost certainly be the same.
I swear I read a report from Comic-Con that there would be three volumes per title.
The Dark Horse November solicits said "Collects Buffy Season 9 Volume 1 and Volume 2." in regards to Buffy Season 9 Library Edition 1
Ok, good to know, thanks.

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I think what Simon is mentioning is Allie's description that we will have 3 volumes of each, don't remember if it was from SDCC, but he did go on record: 6 Volumes in total for Season 9, 2 TPs collected in each . 3 A&F Library Editions and 3 BtVS Library Editions.
With Spike and Willow's minis each appropriately fit into one of the volumes mentioned above,

I'm actually curious about the release schedule, for Season 9, both for the monthlies and and TPs followed the pattern that Angel & Faith came first in the rotation, however we're getting Buffy first with the Library Editions, mirroring Season 10's rotation instead.

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My guess is Spike: A Dark Place will be in with Buffy S9 and Willow: Wonderland will be in with Angel & Faith.
Think James Marsters' Into the Light will be included in a season 10 library edition?
Nah, it isn't really canon and doesn't fall under the Season 10 banner.

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