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August 19 2014

Alexis Denisof's current show "Finding Carter" renewed for season 2. MTV has renewed his show for a 12-episode sophomore season.

Is it any good?
I'm enjoying it. It would easily fit on CW or ABC Family. Teenage rebel drama. Alexis' character is fun and not one note.
This show has really grown on me, I thought it was so-so at first but I like it. Some of its a little cheesy, but its something me and my wife can watch together.
I'm enjoying it. I was going to say what Irrationalitv said.
I think ABC Family is growing in more bold plot dramas. In earlier shows, the more heavy matters they dealed would be something like the 7Heaven kid seing a marijuana piece and running to tell the priest. Now, they have A lesbian couple leading a series. It is still soon to say there real quality in their grade, since the only good scripts there were burned with the Bunheads cancelation, but Finding Carter is in development. I particulary, like a lot the protagonist girl, back from Skins, however I already read some bad comments on her acting.
Yes! I love this show. The last episode with Alexis Denisof comforting his daughter made me verklempt. I want him to be my dad.
It has it's moments, some better than others, but it's trying to be good. Glad that it's renewed.

As for ABC Family, imo 'Chasing Life' has it's moments too, and I actually think that it would pair well with 'Finding Carter'. I usually watch them back-to-back, as they're both on Tuesdays.
It's interesting that most of MTV's scripted shows would all fit well with ABC Family or The CW, however they use the 10pm time-slot, that neither ABC Family or The CW uses, for their scripted fare.

I enjoy Alexis role in it.
I started watching this show purely for the joy of seeing Alexis on my tv and I'm finding myself liking the show more than I expected. I'm really happy they renewed it.
Although I've read on other boards that a lot of people don't like his character, I've always loved me some dark Wesley.
Oh hell, I don't care what his character does, as long as I can see Alexis on my screen I'm happy.
It's a bit cheesy but it's fun. And the past few episodes, Alexis has had some really good scenes that remind me of Dark Wesley.

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