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August 19 2014

(SPOILER) Here is everything we know about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Vulture sums everything up.

It will be the first Marvel studios film since Guardians of the Galaxy, but not the first film based on a Marvel comic, that will be Big Hero Six.
Stellan Skarsgård is also in the movie. Didn't realise he was Alexander Skarsgård's dad.
+ Korean actress Kim Soo-hyun will be playing a mystery role
My Theory:

I'm convinced that the "bad guys" (Hydra?) will use the mind gem to manipulate Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to fight against the Avengers. This is a perfect 'out' for the bro & sis to transition from villains to heroes without any repercussions.

Potentially, the Hulk will fall victim to the thrall of the mind gem and also be controlled to "smash" the Avengers; hence the need for Tony to create a Hulkbuster suit if this situation were ever to occur. I also think this circumstance would be a big point of mistrust between Bruce and Tony because Iron Man has always stood behind and supported the Hulk, yet we see a suit introduced that was deliberately made to stop the Hulk should Bruce spin out of control.

But that's just my take on things....... :-/
@Mr.Savath_Bunny - that's actually the best theory I've read to date. Makes sense on multiple fronts ....
Brian Tyler? Mannnnnn, what happened to Silvestri? His Avengers music fit the movie perfectly. I felt Tyler's music distracted from the movies like he was trying to steal the spot light from the actual scene.
I too am sad that Silvestri isn't back; I wouldn't call his score one for the ages, but it served the movie really well (there's a queue that still chokes me up when Stark's making the sacrifice play). Hope Tyler borrows the primary theme at least.
Cap I don't like it when they switch composers in a franchise. It never seems like the "replacement" captures the feeling established by the "original." And oftentimes it's a noticeable change - Harry Potter, Pirates in particular.

I find myself humming "The Avengers Theme" from time to time, and then end up having to listen to the soundtrack (Oh, damn), which inevitably leads me to quoting dialogue. The cat does give me the strangest looks...

Mr.Savath_Bunny I like what you think. I'm not all that familiar w/the Marvel Universe, but from what I've read in relation to the movies that makes sense. There's potential for Agents of SHIELD to tie in w/this movie, as well - maybe what we saw at the end with Coulson leads into this?

I think Tony found a kindred soul in Bruce - both reluctant heroes who'd rather be immersed in science than out saving the world. In Bruce's case it was that science that turned him into the Hulk; in Tony's it was the science that saved his life. Despite his joking, you can hear the respect in his voice when he first meets Bruce - "And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into a giant green rage monster." Tony gets it.
Regarding the music, while I do enjoy some of the themes that Brian Tyler has written for Marvel, I do find it quite unfortunate that we'll likely never hear the original Iron Man and Thor themes used again. Having said that, I imagine that Tyler will use his themes for Iron Man and Thor again in avengers, which will give it a bit of consistency with the rest of phase 2. They also seem to be hanging on to Silvestri's Cap theme, so perhaps we'll be hearing more of that as well.
Tyler's music during the credits of the one-shot "All Hail the King" is one of my favorites.
I like Silvestri's score a lot but as a whole listening experience. There's no real break-out hummable track for me.

And on a side note, I'd love to hear Carter Burwell's score for Serenity. Just for completion's sake.
I always think about that whole Carter Burwell misfire when I think of music in Joss' stuff--did he actually complete a score? I didn't realize it had gone that far.
An almost score by the sounds of it. There's a bit about it here:
Interesting, thanks for that. He's had quite a varied career although I like most know him best as the Coen Brothers' go-to guy, and remember being surprised at the hire. He seems to have taken the firing in relative stride based on his even toned comments.
Yeah, I was bracing myself when I read that he got fired, but he's thankfully pretty good-natured about it. As a huge fan of the Fargo score, I'd love to hear his take on Serenity as well.

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