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August 20 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #6. This month's artist is Karl Moline.

The art was a bit inconsistent, but the story was a classic angst-tale. I loved Dawn's Totoro shirt!
The art was terrible throughout, the monster was exceptionally bland and William wasn't at all recognisable. The story felt quite rushed, the writing not up to the standard it has been from Gage. There were some seeds set for issues to be developed further that have interesting potential, particularly for Giles and Spike.
Well I liked it, though I think it would have benefitted from a few more pages to develop the alternate-reality situation.

I liked Xander's reaction to the Pied Piper monster's tricks.
I have my copy of Buffy # 6,"I Wish Part I of II."

I'll keep this short.As mentioned around,this issue was filler/Monster of the Week and weaker then the first five issues but still it wasn't a bad issue.

The stuff about dealing with Gile's legal status was interesting as well as addressing where everyone will live.

I was also surprised about Willow losing her job but I can buy why that happened.

It was actually fun seeing the younger versions of everyone in their fantasy land although as mentioned by others,William did not look like Spike.

I also liked that Xander and Willow saw through things right away and the fantasy never got a hold on them.Giles and Spike's experience was probably the most interesting and could be setting up some arc stuff.

Again,not as good aa previous issues but I enjoyed it overall.
I enjoyed this issue. It reminded me a lot of "Normal Again" and "Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been?" I wish it could have been longer and gone into more depth of each character's experience in the hell dimension. The art work was a bit disappointing compared to the previous issues, but it was still a great issue. These last few issues have put a lot of emphasis on Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Xander, Spike and Giles being family. And D'Hoffryn keeps popping up, so it will be interesting to see what story they are trying to set up.
I think this was the best issue of Season 10 so far. Really enjoyed it. There was some lovely character moments.
I really loved it too. It made me think of a world where season eight was fully true to form, with a nice mix of episodic and serialization. I don't think it was necessarily filler at all though - some very interesting things have come up. I also enjoyed how the art changed in the flashbacks to make everyone look younger. It's smart. Felt like when the show flashed back to the earlier seasons that were filmed on 16mm.

ETA: though the joke about white male privilege is a bit... strange?

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hpgwbtvs -- Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? Yes, absolutely. I was thinking to myself, Hm, have we ever seen our heroes reclaim a giant haunted building from a demon who keeps victims in thrall with false visions? OK, the parallel is not exact, but it was still kinda familiar ground.

I thought it was OK, mostly for the Giles and Xander stuff, but I didn't love it. I had less problem with the art than most people. I like Moline's stuff.
ETA: though the joke about white male privilege is a bit... strange?

Yes... I think the colorist must have missed that line. :-)
ETA: though the joke about white male privilege is a bit... strange?

Yes... I think the colorist must have missed that line. :-)

I liked this issue okay, but I haven't really liked Moline's art on any of the Buffy series as well as I did on Fray.

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