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August 20 2014

Hitfix's Uncanceled Showdown 2014 - Quarter Finals. Firefly is up against Jericho in this round of voting, and is lagging way behind!! I know we can help!

I still think it's weird that they're categorizing Firefly as a 'multi-season' show just because of Serenity.
Almost Human vs. Terra Nova? What a weak semi-finalist that will generate :P Terriers is one of my favorite one season shows, so I'm bummed that got beat out already. Wonderfalls is great too of course...I haven't watched that in a very long time...Netflix time!
These are ... odd survivors. Firefly, sure. Deadwood, absolutely. Twin Peaks is not quite my cup of tea, but I can see the appeal. I've not seen Jericho, admittedly, but both it and Freaks & Geeks (which I have seen -- it's good, sure, but ...) seem to have pretty devoted followings, so I guess that makes sense. Still find it odd both of them (not to mention the oh-so-disappointing Terra Nova) are in a final when superb shows like Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Kings, Rome and Terriers are tossed out. And Undeclared never struck me as anything special, Apatow's name aside I've no idea how that's even a contender.

Anyway, voted now.
I'm also in the boat of Wonderfalls lovers. Also strange is the lack of Studio 60.
I've seen nearly all of these, but am disappointed that they never included so many great shows that imo are far better than much of what's there. For example, I think that Jericho is not nearly so good as Jeremiah. I guess that there's much worse that they could have done, but still.
Ugh, Terra Nova over Wonderfalls and My So Called Life? I bet these people watched Transformers and Ninja Turtles this summer.

I absolutely adored Studio 60's pilot but the rest put me to sleep. Dollhouse would've been nice to see but it was horribly inconsistent (I blame Fox as always). I like that Dead Like Me got some attention despite the fact that no one apparently watched it. On a random note, Mason made a great Zod.
What's really entertaining is going from seeing him as Zod first and *then* watching Dead Like Me for the first time. Mr. Blue really needs to get himself on a new show.

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