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August 20 2014

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith #6. The preview is for the beginning of the next arc.

Is that supposed to be Amy, because it does not look like her. I'm looking forward to the Faith and Riley storyline.
Is Amy revealing herself to Angel so soon? Surprising! Is she also trying to position herself as the saviour of Magic town?
Is Faith feeling guilty about raping Riley, or is the comic avoiding that issue and possibly referring to something else (which I can't remember)?
I assumed they were talking about the rape, but I will be surprised if they cover it as such.
I assume it was about sleeping with him in Buffy's body just to cause problems for him and Buffy, but I don't expect them to ever use the "R" word. (Especially after the bungles of the spacefrack and the initial concerns about Buffy's fake pregnancy scare). They'll probably just say she tricked him or messed with him/them or some such.

And based on the solicitations for October and November they may just skip that and make him grateful she's there to save him and/or his wife if she's still alive. If she's dead he'd probably just go into grief and ignore Faith.

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