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August 21 2014

Buffy is Still With Us: A Timeline. The Verge presents a Buffy timeline of Buffy-osity.

It's light, it's fluffy, and I'm sure you have as many suggestions for things they should add as I do, but it has a fun header graphic and it's always good to see more attention for our favorite Chosen One.

They separate the TV series into two different sections based on the Network, but they lump all of Angel and Faith together into one long series even though it isn't, in comic series talk it's Angel and Faith Volume 2.
I think lists like this are created especially so us Whedon nerds can pick apart all the little mistakes in them...

Another list that just dismisses the 1992 movie. I know Kuzui and Sutherland screwed up a lot of things, but most of Joss's best bits were still in the film.
I like the movie, if only for the bit where after he throws the knife at her he does almost a little mustache twirl, I lot that bit.
They forgot the video games.
Technically Angel & Faith (Vol. 2) is being branded as Angel & Faith Season Ten. I get why they did that for marketing purposes, but it's a bit confusing.
BtVS still beats them out. There is no finer show.

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