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August 21 2014

Joss Whedon's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Does Joss have his own YouTube channel now...?

Well since Joss brought it up here's Ming-Na;

and what the heck, Chloe as well.
I was just about done with watching these and now the Whedon crew is getting involved. Oh well, always fun to watch celebrities get soaked with ice water.

Here are a couple more. The Guardians group is doing the rounds too.

Tom Hiddleston

Robert Downey Jr.

Nathan Fillion

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What's the first frozen name he utters? I can't quite make it out.

"Not the baby." Ha!
ShadowQuest, the first one was Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Here's one with Elizabeth Henstridge:

And here's Clark Gregg's:

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There should be one post with links to all of the Whedon alums available.
Bonus points for pouring it over himself.
I have to admit Joss is damn hardcore...he only had knee surgery a few weeks ago and he's willing to do this?! He is our Master!

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the composer of the Broadway musical, IN THE HEIGHTS. Interesting that Joss would single him out.
Well Miranda is a Wesleyan alum and worked with Sondheim before, so he and Joss might have connected and become friends at some point.
Chris Evans one was worth waiting for.

And the other 'Marvel' Chris's

Chris Pratt

Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Evans wins!
The Foo Fighters one was on another level.
Favorite still is Tom (eternal thanks Mr. Fillion), but Evans is a real close second!
NPH has added his but was apparently unaware his "nemesis" Nathan already did.
An example of Lin-Manuel Miranda's writing people here might have seen before. :)
NPH nominated both Captain Mal and Yosaffbridge! If he weren't already in I would have tought he wanted to get into de Evil League of Evil
I think Nathan should do it again then. (I'm not 100% sure on this but I thought I read that Tom Cruise has done it every time he gets nominated.) (I could be totally wrong.)

I just find it hilarious that he does it but he's grumpy about it the entire time. Hahaha.
I'm impressed by Brett Dalton's commitment to using puns.
Having just seen Benedict Cumberbatche's challenge video I think he wins the internet. We had to wait a while but now I am convinced that he needs to be involved in the Whedonverse some way or another. Just because he is so talented.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is also a Buffy fan!
He watched it first the first time in 2011 and after people getting super excited about that on Twitter, he decided to live tweet while he watched it. Had some great commentaries!
Summer Glau has responded...

...and challenged Mr. Josh Friedman, Mrs. Gina Torres, and Mr. Laurence Washburne.

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I think you mean Lawrence Fishburne, brinderwalt...just don't call him Samuel L. Jackson. Or Samuel L. Jackson "Lawrence Fishburne".


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Oh, I'm well aware of that - was a spell-check-born typo that I just couldn't resist leaving in given the connotations...
Felicia Day's ALS challenge is up now, filmed alongside her brother Ryon Day.

She also tagged Alyson Hannigan as the next contender, so the Whedon-train continues onwards.
Alan Tudyk has completed his version of it, and Jeremy Renner kept it safe by having a life guard present.

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