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August 24 2014

The 10 most rockin' TV theme songs of all time. Nerf Herder's Buffy theme comes in at number 7.

Let me be the first to say, should have been number one. Also the credits are always so great. :)
Good calls all. I do have an hint of hate towards "John from Cincinnati" because it killed "Deadwood".
They're all good, but for an "all time" list, they seem relatively recent. I'd still pick Hawaii Five-0 (the original).
It's a very good list. I think replacing Metalocalypse with Terriers would be good. Although stopping at 10 is hard, because there are a lot of good ones left out... Chicago Code, Hawaii Five-O, not to mention the Cheap Trick cover of Big Star's In the Street for That 70's Show. Veronica Mars, The Unit, Malcolm in the Middle.. tough to just stop at 10.
Half of these shows didn't make it over here. I adore the BtVS music, but I think Darling Violetta should have been there too.

And for sheer memorability, frankly, The Simpsons.
No. Just... no. Besides the fact that they're using "rockin'" way too literally, Buffy's theme is the only really iconic one in that entire mess. If you're talking "of all time" and want to be taken seriously, you need to look at:

Hawaii 5-O
Peter Gunn
The Pink Panther
Dr. No
Get Smart
The Flintstones

...and literally dozens of other themes. Very few modern themes are even "memorable", let alone "rockin'".
Thanks a lot, Rowan. Now I'm going to have the Peter Gunn theme in my head all day long.

Also love "Secret Agent Man"... they've give you a number and have taken 'way your name.
I'd include Veronica Mars on the list.
Robert Duncan's "Gunfight Epiphany" from the late, great Terriers. Contagious. Just try to resist whistling along.

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