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August 26 2014

What's a Showrunner? Let Joss Whedon explain. MTV News excerpts part of the new book "Showrunners" which includes in-depth interviews with Joss Whedon, Damon Lindelof, Ronald D. Moore and others. The book is "an oral history, letting showrunners explain what they do in their own words." It's a companion to a documentary of the same name.

I didn't realise there was a book tie-in till last week. This'll be on my reading list. And execs with long memories is never a good thing.
Completely unaware there was a companion book, will want to read it for sure. Hoping for ebook version, Amazon only has print paperback listed so far.
Other than working with the network, I still don't know exactly what a showrunner does.
It can vary a little based on the show, but they're pretty much in charge of all logistical (and usually all creative) decisions that go into a show. The final word on any given matter. Which means approving costumes, locations, storylines, scripts blah blah blah.
This sounds really interesting. The behind the scenes in TV really interest me. Will be adding to my reading list too.

Oh and as a side note - I wish you had fought for Angel too Joss!

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