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August 29 2014

Enver Gjokaj cast in ABC series 'Marvel's Agent Carter'. Maybe we'll hear a new accent!

And decades later, his grandson joins the NYPD.
Yay! Glad he's in something I'm watching again.(last was on TWD, where he was wasted)
I may have screamed when I saw this headline. I've been wanting Enver to get a good role for ages and it just so happens he has in the new TV show I'm most looking forward to.
god, finally! i just hate that his tremendous talent has been going to waste.
Excellent news! Can't wait for the new show.
Fantastic. One heck of an actor.
Will he be playing the cop he played in The Avengers? ;)
The Enver as "Topher" scenes in Dollhouse were so great.
I could be mistaken, but I have a feeling he's the man Peggy Carter eventually marries.
Excellent news.
Yay! I hope he gets to use his skills in this role.
Best casting news for ages. So great we get the chance to see enver's talent in the new show I can't wait to see!
And decades later, his grandson joins the NYPD.

Perfect! I can't wait for Agent Carter, and this is great casting news. Coincidentally, I'm watching Extant right now, and Enver just popped up on my screen. He's everywhere!
Enveeeer! He was amazing in Dollhouse so this is great news.
So excited! I mean, really, really excited! Enver's the best. I would so love for him to be a time-traveler of sorts so he can show up on SHIELD. Of course, the grandson thing works too. But then we do have a lot of grandsons running around. But if Enver's one then the more the merrier! I really should get around to learning how to pronounce his last name....
Yes! Hooray for Enver! Can't wait.
I have 3 things to say. The first one is yes, the second YES and the third HELL YES!.
Such great news!

PaperSpock, my only worry was if this excluded him from guesting on SHIELD. A time-traveller would work. But he's already been a 21st century cop in the MCU, so if he appears as a third character in SHIELD let's just call him an Active.
PaperSpock I had the same problem, until heard him & Dichen pronouncing their names: joe-KIE is the best phonetic spelling. Long I sound. that how Joss's wife's name is pronounced? Does anyone know? K like the letter, or Kie like Yippee etc?

Oh, and YIPPEE! Now I have a reason to watch "Agent Carter"!!!
A smart move on the part of the casting people at AC. Enver's wide ranging abilities as an actor fit this world very well. Sadly that
means little chance we'll see him on AoS. But on balance anything which gives us more Enver is a great alternative.
I'll return the favor, ShadowQuest. I'm 95% sure it's "Kie like Yippee".
Hopefully he'll be doing lots of undercover missions so he can show case his ability to switch identities.
Finally. They better not kill him!
Huzzah!! I, too, think he's an awesome actor - and I try not to use the word "awesome" unless that's really what I mean: full of awe.
Yes! Incredible news! Now I can't wait to see the show :D
This is the best news in a while!
Yes, this is great, great news! Another big Enver fan here. Now I'm _even more_ psyched about Agent Carter than before, which i wasn't sure it was possible to be. So looking forward to all the new Marvel TV...
Happy days! Enver/Victor was one of my favorite things about Dollhouse. This sounds like a great role for him.
I was super happy to read this yesterday. BTW, he's a recurring character on Rizzoli and Isles right now. In case you couldn't wait to see him on your TV. He plays a college professor that is dating Isles.
He's also on Extant as a recurring character.
I really hope there's a reason for his character to impersonate other characters on the show. The Victor/Topher scene remains one of my favorites in the universe.
I would not be at all surprised if Joss, or one of the other Marvel-connected Whedons (since Jed and Mo worked on Dollhouse), put in a good word for Enver. As it should be.

And if they did, then yes, there's a good chance that he'll be playing a master of disguise.

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