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August 31 2014

The best cult show ever. Why, according to, 'Buffy' still reigns supreme.

'Great writing and brilliant character dynamics help you equate the fiction with real life, and Buffy did that brilliantly.'

I think it was the growth and evolution of the characters. We watched them cry, fight, love, doubt, commit travesty and ask forgiveness. All the weaknesses we moral humans display day after day. Joss was just showing a mirror of ourselves and he kept it honest.

Through there have been other shows that have kept my mind thinking since, I must say "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" still has the greater impact.
Consider your commentary liked,Madhatter.
The first show to break barriers probably was Twilight Zone. However, as it has changing casts was easier to create new stories, without the necessity to develop characters and keep arcs. Then, Star Trek came and mixed great dramaturgy with intriguing plots. Decades later, X-Files did an amazing work creating a mitology and connectig it with characters grow.

Still... Buffy has the first place in my heart. I don't know, maybe the relationships or the comedy were better mixed, but Joss is my master now.
Agreed! With the article and the former comments :)
Thinking about starting yet another Buffy-rewatch soon.
As the article mentions, the creation of compelling stories for many characters that successfully wove into the main arcs and mythos makes a great story.

Buffy's ensemble focus and great writing made it timeless. Some shows rely too much on their leads and it gets tiring and repetitive. The Buffy team used all the available resources, ideas and talent.

I need to go watch an ep.

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