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September 01 2014

'Joss Whedon FAQ' book out in July of next year. Subtitled "All That's Left to Know About the Mind Behind Buffy, Firefly, and The Avengers", this book promises to answer our questions.

That's a worrying thought. I think I see enough of his mind. I imagine it is brilliant but scary in there.
And filled with cheese.
Sounds similar to the Joss Whedon book that was just released.
Another book. This is becoming a trend.
"All that's left to know"? Sounds a little insulting. I mean, everyone likes to have unplumbed depths.
There should be an Emmy for showruning

Ok, but then we need also a Razzie Awards for it. The problem would be to solve the every year tie between Ryan Murphy and Tim Kring.
And I believe there was a simillar point made by Dustin Hoffman's character in Wag the Dog, about Oscars for movie producers.
Hmmm, Firefly failed because Fox moved its schedule around, showed episodes out of order, and yanked it before all the episodes were shone thus preventing any possible opportunity of developing an audience? I mean I just came from visiting friends I haven't seen in 30 years, got them to netflix the pilot episode, the original one, and they were hooked instantly, and guess what we did most of the rest of the nights I was there. Possibly Firefly would never have made it as a series given the chance, but we'll never know because it was never given that chance.

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