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September 02 2014

The specialist subject round is Joss Whedon. How many points can you get in this pub quiz round?

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Did you just post all the answers?

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How'd I do? 5 is a guess and 15 is a partial guess.
@erendis I missed Much Ado you are right.
Complete flub up on the first one I over thought it and put down 1996, should be 1997
For 5, Aliens 4 was the other one I as thinking about.
Guys - give people a chance and don't post all the answer in one go. I invisiblised a couple of posts.
Really? I expected something more challenging than that. Color me disappointed. No worries, I'll get over it. Some time.....
Good to know, although answers I posted were from memory and not looked up.
All too easy. How are we supposed to post if giving them all in spoiler black, or giving the answers away piecemeal the way others are doing are not acceptable? Also, in terms of the last question, does the current, but unfinished/unreleased movie count?
Yay, a quiz that makes me feel knowledged. I only had to guess at the comic timelines.

I object to the phrasing of number 12. Buffy's annoying sister? What annoying sister?
I thought Connor was annoying, but Dawn wasn't really, despite the occasional shouting of "Get out! Get out! Get out!"
Got everything but comic book stuff & the last name of a character.

Never found either of the characters referred to as "annoying". Sometimes I didn't care for their behavior, but that would be true of many characters, up to and including the Buffster herself.
Technically, Joss wrote 25 issues of the comic with Cassaday -- they didn't include the "Giant Size [title]" concluding giant issue.

Right, I think enough time has passed. Post answers anyway if you want.
Oh, I like that. Finally a quiz where I'm good ;)
I did pretty well. I forgot the name of Jayne's gun, I didn't get the full title of Joss's Marvel comics series (missed the "Uncanny"), and I could only think of 4 of the 5 archetypes from Cabin in the Woods.

Glad to see I'm getting less obsessive. There was a time when I would have rattled off all these answers without a moment's pause.
But they're not Uncanny. They're Astonishing. Very Astonishing.
Missed 2 points. Blanked on Echo's real name and I couldn't think of "In Your Eyes"...probably because I haven't seen it yet...[bows head in shame]
Sorry, didn't mean to spoil the fun ... just seeing if I could remember them all without stopping to think. (I figured other people would post first, then read comments.)
Perfect score :S. Barely, was a little unsure about Astonishing and the Cabin roles. I'm both proud of and a little amazed by my geekiness. But I kind of love that most of us here hardly found this challenging.
Technically Buffy only ran 6 1/2 seasons.
Since Season 1 was not a full 22, but only a midseason 12 pickup.
-- NitPickeys-Я-Us

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