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September 03 2014

ABC's synopsis for Agents of SHIELD Season 2. The show returns on the 23rd with a new regular, it would seem.

Yes I wondered that too. B.J. Britt is in another show called Being Mary Jane so that may cause scheduling problems?
He's at least somewhat recurring because he's been in some behind the scenes photos that the cast have tweeted.
Trip wasnt mentioned in the synopsis at all :(
Errr. Ahhh. It seemed clear they were talking about Nick Blood as Lance Hunter as the new regular.
BJ Britt has never been mentioned as a series regular, sadly.
One person outside of the main group Coulson would feel he can trust unreservedly would be Sif. I hope they manage to bring her back for an episode or two this season, and get her in Earth garb cracking heads side-by-side with Agent May. That would be some fun! As would Skye taking her to the mall to acquire said garb.

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