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September 03 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #6. It's the first part of the 'Lost and Found' arc.

I have Angel & Faith # 6,Part I of "Lost And Found."

Going to keep this short,This was a nice start to this new arc.I'm very interested why Amy wants Warren back.They didn't seem the most loving of couples.Also will Angel help and why would she think Angel would seriously do it.Maybe she will try to guilt him into it for playing her(and Warren) as Twilight?Whatever Amy is up to probably isn't good though.

Curious about Brandt.

On the Faith side of things,I'm really curious about how Faith and Riley will interact when the come face to face.Hope Sam is still alive.

Not much else to say.Good issue.
Well they certainly remedied the lack of Faith from last issue! I hope we get a better balance between the 2 story lines next issue. No need for them to resort to panel counting, but would be nice if they got equal "screen time".

I enjoyed the Angel part of the issue (what there was of it). Poor Angel seems to spend his time in Magic Town either getting beaten up, or down the pub. He doesn't seem to be having a good time in either situation. Considering that Amy came out with her Warren resurrection request straight away (which most of us guessed), I am guessing that that is not her main objective. Unless she is not the Big Bad of the season. Then maybe it is. But things are never as they seem with Amy.

Brandt continues to intrigue. We have all taken him at his word about his status as a police officer. But for some reason I'm beginning to doubt. Don't know why. Maybe until we see a scene of Angel visiting him at the local police station I'm going to go with there being more to him than he is letting on.

A lot of the Faith section was good, but I got a little bored during the expositiony bit with the Major and Reese Zane. The whole Zane pharmaceuticals thing could just be a big Mcguffin, in order to get them into the jungle, but I may be proved wrong and Reese could be a mini Bad for the arc.

Art awesome as ever.
The art, especially Amy, was really amazing !

Very glad that Faith had the main story on this issue. Her story was full of surprises & the tone was really different than what we used to read on those comics lately. It was kinda like a new show, and it was a good thing I think. But I still think that they should have done : "Angel", "Buffy" & "Faith" instead of "Angel & Faith" & "Buffy".

Anyway, we have what we have and it's good. I even liked (for once) the Angel part. Bring back Amy was a really good idea but I now have a lot of questions !

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