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September 04 2014

First look at Agent of SHIELD's Lance Hunter. He's played by British actor Nick Blood and the character will have a major role this season.

But what's his porn star name?
Honestly, this is one of those cases where his actual name would work even better than his character name.
So, he's like a British Han Solo? :-)
I think every combination of his name is pretty fantastic for the purposes of a mercenary. Lance Blood, Blood Lance, Nick Hunter...

I'd still kind of want to see them bring Jimmy Woo/Agents of Atlas to screen but maybe he'd have to appear in Agent Carter first.
This is completely random, but for literary nerd reasons I can't quite explain, it makes me happy that a lot of characters on AoS have names that are also everyday nouns. Ward, May, Sky(e), Trip(p), Lance/Hunter. Whenever I hear the words grant and ward together, my first thought is always of the wing in a hospital where they write grants and solicit funding. You know, the Grant Ward.

I also love names that are sentences in their own right. Went to elementary school with a boy named Billy Pats. I have memories of hounding him with "Billy pats WHAT? What's Billy patting?" I thought it was hilarious. As I recall, he did not.

Trying to think of Whedonverse characters whose names are also sentences. I guess Cordelia Chase works if you punctuate it: "Cordelia? Chase!"
Will he have a cunning hat and a gun with a girl's name?
The naming fun continues: his Twitter handle is nickdiscoblood.

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