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September 05 2014

Anya and Xander reunited at Oz Comic-Con. Great pic and interview with Emma Caulfield and Nick Brendon. Yesterday, Emma tweeted a pic of the two of them from Australia.

They look better than ever...makes me happy to see them hanging out.
'Anya' and 'Xander' together sweet!
They look totally badass. Could be a publicity still for an adventure rom-com of some sort.
But I always end up telling myself, "Working a con is a job for them." And thinking about what Nicky said a few months ago about how none of the old cast and crew return his calls anymore.
When did Nicky say no one returns his calls? I remember Alyson Hannigan trying to reach out to him on Twitter a few times because she said he "Changed his phone number more often than he changed his pants."
faneater :early in the summer. Hey interpersonal relationships are always shifting, so hey. (I never check Twitter anymore.)

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