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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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September 05 2014

Hot Topic to sell exclusive Willow Pop Funko Figurine. Called "Wishverse Wilow" the figurine is based on Vamp Willow.

Cool idea, but... seems off to me? The hair? Or maybe the skirt? Didn't she wear pants? And her hair was shorter? idk. A neat concept tho. Just me?
An absence of pants is the main problem.
Agree on the hair and lack of pants. It's more like regular Willow dressing up as Vamp Willow! (Not that regular Willow doesn't wear pants...)
Considering how most of these exclusive alternate released they've been doing are just official repaints from the main release figurine, not surprised that this exclusive ain't more accurate, as the black costume is just a repaint from the main release, or that Buffy SDCC is just main release with some added colors.
Now I went from happy to disapointed. I didn't even notice the skirt! nd yes, the hair is off too.

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