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September 06 2014

All the artwork from Gallery1988's Joss Whedon exhibit. Available to buy as well.

There is some cool - and also very odd - stuff in there. In particular, Alex Pardee's "The Zoology Department" (sold) looks wonderful. The Cabin in the Woods seemed to inspire a great many people to make art.

I like the Andrew Heath "Joss Popsicle" Print, but something in me just says no to hanging poor Joss' head with bites taken out of it.

I may buy one of Joey Spiotto's little book prints - they're so well done, and affordable.

(Anyone go last night? I - as usual - lamed out & stayed at home because it was a *whole* few blocks from me. #BadFan)
I wanted to go but was working. A buddy of mine went and very much enjoyed it.
I DESPERATELY wanted the "Our Lady of Sunnydale" print
But it was sold out WAAAAH :( I was about to check out with it in my cart when it did. SO tragic. But I was able to grab the Golden Books "Little Vampire Slayer" and the Buffy & Angel print.
Some amazing artwork. I confess that until I clicked on the link, I thought this was an exhibit of artwork *by* Joss Whedon and thought, "But ... when did he do this? Between camera set-ups?" I'm sort of relieved it's other people, or my shame at my own time management skills would runneth over.

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