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September 07 2014

Fifteen creepiest Buffy the Vampire Slayer creatures. All the usual suspects appear, but it's a good solid list.

Ew! I'd forgotten about Gnarl. It must be time to watch the series again; perhaps when I'm done re-watching Castle.

When some poor ignorant person suggests to me that Nathan Fillion isn't much of an actor, Caleb is the character to whom I refer them. Occasionally, the response is, "OMG, Fillion played HIM??" He really creeped me out, probably the more so because he was not only human, but really cute. BRR.
Zachary Kralik and Der Kindestod are terrifying. Thinking about it now, they both appear in episodes where Buffy is below par.
The same actor, Camden Toy, portrayed one of The Gentlemen, Gnarl, and a Turok-Han.
Glad to see some love for Ted. He feels very true to life for me.

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