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"Yeah, I never told anyone about this, but I--I liked your poems."
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September 08 2014

Neil Patrick Harris gets married to David Burtka. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Congratulations to Neil and David! May their years be filled with joy, great food and seamlessly integrated musical numbers!
Such a lovely couple. I'm happy for them.
That is one handsome couple. Mazel tov, Neil and David!
Adorable family. Congrats.
Awwwww - congrats!
Congratulations/Parabéns to the newly weds!
Congrats, Neil and David!
Barney and Scooter
Congratulations to the newlyweds!
Odd - I thought they'd done this some time back
Congrats to the happy couple!
I honestly thought they got married a long time ago.

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