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September 08 2014

(SPOILER) Synopsis and amazing cast list for Agents of SHIELD 2.01 "Shadows". There's one or two surprises to be had.

Hayley Atwell? What? YES! Can't wait for Agent Carter so I'm excited to see her pop up here.
But what about George Stephanopoulos? Did not see that coming. Also is Coulson's new base Peggy's old base?
The director of this episode, Vincent Misiano, also directed "F.Z.Z.T", "Turn, Turn, Turn", and "The Only Light in Darkness".

Also, is Nick Blood and regular, or a guest? He's listed twice...

Seems like they'll be coming back with a bang. Can't wait!
Same question about Nick Blood, regular or guest?

Wished they'd upgrade B.J. Britt to regular, which feels like what Amber Benson were most Season 5 and 6 of Buffy, part of the team, almost a regular, deserved to be credited as so, but wasn't.
@simon: new base seems to be underground, the office in the Agent Carter short had windows
Yeah, I'm a big fan of B.J. Britt's work and character on the show, so I was hoping he'd get main-cast billing. But oh well. Still very excited for the show's return.
the office in the Agent Carter short had windows

I think the Agent Carter series is supposed to be set before the short?
That's a hell of a list for episode 1 - my sincere hope is that they hit the ground running this season and don't throttle down to introduce all the new characters.

@Simon - I don't believe that's true. As the short documented Agent Carter's first mission, unauthorized as it was, my understanding is the series is built around how the newly promoted Carter navigates the post war era while building SHIELD into the protection agency it became in a post-superhero/villain world. But I could be wrong
Yes I checked. Before the short.
It sounds quite interesting. Isn't Kyle MacLachlan supposed to appear in episode 2? I'm hoping this episode sets up where Coulson and Fitz's minds are as well as introducing us to the supporting cast of the seasonal arc. Then next episode sheds light on the 084 thing. I will be astounded and pleased if they tell us what species Skye is or what type of alien GH comes from in the first 4 episodes.
I think the first half of Season 2 will sow seeds for Agent Carter and obviously follow on from the plot arcs from Season 1. The second half will tie up some outstanding points from Agent Carter and lead into Age of Ultron somehow. Can Ultron control LMDs? There's a thought.
Agent Carter is still a miniseries right? I don't know how much SHIELD could plant anything for that show when chronologically Agent Carter is before it or how much time they would use the set up tie ins to a relatively brief show. Maybe a few nods like perhaps Coulson chooses to rebuild SHIELD based of an idea Agent Carter stood for, or they come across some device Agent Carter locked away that is now in the hands of HYDRA.

I think that 2A will obviously carry on with the Fridge break-outs, find some way to justify Ward still being a major part of the show ( another prison break?), and more on Skye's history, as well as character revelations for Fitz and Coulson brought out by these new characters. 2B will have some AoU tie-in as well as the Big Bad probably be Skye's family and tells us why that alien equation is important.

Nice idea Simon. If they really wanted to tie both shows in with the movies I'd have Agent Carter lock away one of the Infinity Gems and have our present-day SHIELD team trying to find it/keep it away from the bad guys. But we don't see it's full power until Fury has it in Avengers 3. Assuming of course the speculation Avengers 3 will be about Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet and we have already seen some of the gems in the other movies.
Agent Carter series is supposed to be set before the short

Oh, OK. Makes sense. They can use a redress of the same set for both series.
Lucy Lawless as Isabelle "Izzy" Hartley

...when fates collide...
If Coulson's team are fugitives, maybe Ward will somehow be enlisted to track them down. In a twist of irony, Ward will be working for the man, even as our heroes are wrongly blamed for the infiltration.

But if all records of Coulson's team have been purged, as we were told they were, why are they not ghosts rather than fugitives?

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"But if all records of Coulson's team have been purged, as we were told they were, why are they not ghosts rather than fugitives?"

Only the electronic, online, portions of the teams records could be erased by Skye. Everything else still exists but is somewhat difficult to access without being in the index.
Agent Carter will take place after the short. The show will follow Carter as she takes on missions with Howard Stark, which is how the short ended, with Stark getting Peggy to come work for him.
Thats not what the show's writers have said TangoDH. As Simon said, the show takes place before the short.

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