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September 08 2014

19 one and done TV shows: which deserved a second season? Obviously, one of our favourites makes the list.

Tim Minear noted on Facebook that he has four here.

Aww poor Tim Minear..Guy almost never seems to get a break as far as deserved second seasons are concerned.

Personally, the one show that always aggrieves me as far as not getting a deserved second season was a 90es show called Dark Skies. But that's going back a bit, to the extent that nobody probably even remembers it now...sadly. (Feels like it's been wiped from tv history!)
*sniff* Firefly…*weeps*
I'm sure "Morena Barracin" joins me in mourning the death of proofreading.

Looking at this list, you have to wonder exactly what the standards were to be hired as a TV executive at Fox in the 1990's and early 2000's.
In all fairness, they were looking for product that would sell advertising, not boxed sets. It seems obvious in retrospect that if you make quality TV that actually tells a compelling story, people will pay to see it again and again--not just in syndication, but per-episode rental and per-season DVD sales. But that's not what they were looking for: accessible, mindless fare that would become this decade's Gilligan's Island. None of these shows (well, that I've watched) had the least potential to become that.
I can't agree with the inclusion of "Moonlight" -- it was an unwatchable rip-off of "Angel" and never showed any interest in being anything other than that, IMO. But "Bunheads" broke my heart, even more so than "Firefly" for being unexpected.

Interesting that roughly half the list are "genre" shows. Maybe what this list demonstrates is that it really isn't all that easy to do SF/fantasy fare and get a broad-market response.
At least Tim Minear has American Horror Story now. The cancellation of many of the series he worked on was disappointing, especially Firefly, Wonderfalls, and Terriers.

I didn't mind Moonlight, but it was never going the be as good as Angel. Grimm has more of an Angel feel to it than Moonlight did.
I agree Nebula. Grimm is shot like Angel and uses Lost Girl storylines. I just can't get into it. Moonlight, however, was good enough that I wanted to see more of it.

Ah... Terriers .... Firefly... So many good shows get canceled too soon. The one that I wish was on the list was Jake 2.0, a much cooler Chuck long before Chuck was a thing.
Despite the obvious nicked premise, "Moonlight" was not trying to be anything like "Angel". "Angel" was all about the redemption, and per every other Whedon series, the team. "Moonlight" was about winning the girl.
Chuck uncool??

I remember Dark Skies Jas so you are not alone!

Journeyman should be on that list, and Day Break, and New Amsterdam. Far better than some of the things they have listed.
"At least Tim Minear has American Horror Story now."

It's a blessing only in the sense that it's consistent work.
Where is the "Like" button under ImmaDeker's commentary? :)
I'd add "Huge" to this list. It featured Gina Torres and a group of fascinating young characters. Gone too soon.
Also: They're missing Space: Above and Beyond. :-)
Hah! Now we are two cdm22! :)
Yeah, The Inside. Wish that was on Amazon Prime. It felt like a spiritual Mutant Enemy show.

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