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September 10 2014

The Verse - a Firefly fan film. It's made by Loot Crate and it's not too bad.

Saying that, it feels more like a semi-professional remake of Firefly rather than a standalone fan film set in the Firefly universe. But it's well put together, has good production values, the acting is fine and there's a decent script.

I thought it was just okay, a mix of wince-inducing punctuated by some clever. Mainly, I keep thinking that the verse is a big place, and why are all the fan films about ragtag crews on a ship.
Apparently some of the cast appears in the Fallout: Nuka Break fan series (which I've never watched, but I keep mean to).
Watch Nuka Break, it's good.
It looks fun, but I had to pause. But I agree that the 'verse is pretty big so it'd be nice if someone did something with another part. Maybe one of the inner planets. Or what it's like working on an Alliance ship. Live on one of the outer planets and end up on the wrong side of someone like Mal.

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I actually really enjoyed this. Kudos to those involved.

PS: Somebody make a fan film about the day 'The Signal' was broadcast, set on an Alliance planet, from the perspective of the people there.
^That'd be a great one.
Aw. I know if I ever wrote one of these it would be about a ragtag crew on a showboat. Still the outer planets and still the struggle to make a living, but with singing. And possibly tap dancing.
I admit I haven't seen it because my interest in it if it's about another ragtag group similar to our crew is limited. But, ugh, gossi, I was actually about to say exactly that. That would be perfect.

I would kill for something about an Alliance crew who are trying to be the ideals of what the Alliance is supposed to be, things embodied in the series through Simon and Inara, and are trying to do their jobs but find themselves forced to make decisions they don't necessarily agree with in the name of that government they wish to serve. And according to "A Brief History of the Verse" many Companions go into politics when they retire. That would be really cool.

I think it's a shame our experience with Alliance officials is limited to Dobson, those Officers in "Serenity" and "The Train Job", Commander Harken in "Bushwhacked", and Womack in "The Message". The nicest of the bunch is the nondescript one in "Serenity".

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This was much better than I expected - while there were a few cringey moments, it was still loads better than most 'Versey fan-films I've seen - and it looked like a million bucks, as these things go.

Yeah, gossi, that's a good 'un. And it would be exciting to have more off-ship stuff, but I imagine for a lot of people, the Ship is one of the exciting things for them to play with, and it's possibly also a question of budget, too...

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