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September 10 2014

(SPOILER) Promo pics from the Agents of SHIELD Season 2 premiere. Nineteen photos in all to look through. Plus Marvel has released a group photo of the cast.

Where is my Simmons!
You should know by now that ABC never gives us the promo pics we want :(. I think there was one episode set that was really good from last season. One out of twenty-two.
It's always just people standing around looking serious. Formerly lots of suits, newly lots of quasi-combat clothing without any identifying features.
The promo pics are always so uninteresting.

Wheres the season 2 cast photo? They better not pull a UPN.

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You know what I just realized, I kinda miss. Those well produced season cast pics, that we used to get almost every season of Buffy and Angel. We got a few ones from the last season from that initial promo poster and ABC does produce those for the Shonda Rhimes produced shows, hoped we would get updated ones for Season 2.

Update: Lol, eddy and I just went to the same mindspace a few minutes apart.

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18 pictures - one of those was a duplicate of Whatsisname, that Oswalt guy you all are so enamored of.

Nice to see Lucy Lawless. Anyone else want to see a fight between her character & May? Ouch. Lots of ouch.

The soldiers drawing down on the guy in the sleeveless black T...that does not bode well. For them.
Cast photo! It's like Marvel was eavesdropping.
No Keonig in the cast photo. Hmm. Also, Fitz is way in the back
Fitz is too far in the back!! But it's veeerrry interesting how far from Simmons he is, how he's looking at her, and how she isn't really close to anyone else.
B.J. Britt and Henry Simmons are in the cast photo but listed as guest stars in the first two episodes. Are they "almost regulars" like Ms. Calendar, Faith, Tara and (for the most part) Lorne were? I sure hope so. Britt was great in the Uprising arc, and with him being a cast member on Being Mary Jane over on BET I was starting to worry we wouldn't be seeing much of Trip this season.
There's a lot of subtext in that picture.

Fitz & Simmons being separated. The look on Fitz's face. The look May is giving Skye, who looks like she's playing "Anywhere But Here." Ward lurking. The newbies in the background. Tripp behind Skye - literally as well as physically? Coulson with a bemused expression.

Skye's outfit looks like a variant of May's. (And rather "superhero Spandex"y.)

I'd say "Why isn't it the 23rd!?" but this month is going by too fast as it is. Patience, Grasshopper.
I think they went to great lengths to make Fitz totally inscrutable in this cast picture. He's there, he's whole... but you can't tell if he's brain-damaged, catatonic, paraplegic, or anything from the way he's presented. Pretty crafty photography.

Can't believe how different Skye looks this season.
He's sitting, notably. He might not be able to stand or walk, or has limited ability to do so. I've been expecting something along those lines.
Cast pic is definitely more interesting than premiere photos. There is of personal space between most folks and they have irritated facial expressions. It's going to be a dark year -- which is expected.

I forgot about Fitz, oh dear.

But overall I am very eagerly awaiting the premiere. I miss this show and our talks here. Yeah!

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