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"Does being a ninja count as having powers?"
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September 11 2014

The story of how Joss Whedon turned an extra into a lead actress. It is nice to hear some Hollywood dreams do come true!

That's a great story.
Her close resemblance to Amy Acker probably helped, too.
I was not aware of the cut scenes. Given how short her actual time on screen in AV was this now makes more sense.
Seeing as they play cousins, and a lot of people don't resemble their cousins that much, I don't see that it was a necessary major factor. If he was impressed by her and she had been blonde with blue eyes I think he'd still have given her a call. (But of course I'm just guessing.)
NileQT87 had a nice comment in the discussion, about the discovery of David Boreanaz and Andy Hallett.
Kind of sad. I checked IMDB and she hasn't worked above the line Much Ado.

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