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"Sorry darling. Had to pee."
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September 12 2014

Giles gets knocked down, and he gets up again (and again, and again). An amusing tribute video to one of our favorite Watchers.

Ah this is great. Now I want to watch Band Candy again.
This exponentially improved my Friday!
Whedons wobble, but they don't fall down.
GILES! loved this.... grinning all the way through....

Oh Ethan
I love this. So. Very. Much.
That was fun - doesn't it feel a bit like at some point the writers said, "How shall we knock Giles out this episode?" Like South Park always killing Kenny...

Seeing Giles always makes me want to drink scotch while I read...
With all the beatings in the news this week, it feels a little perverse to be having so much fun watching these clips. But I did.
Yes, it really has no business being that funny! And I really must watch the series again, soon! It's been a couple years now.

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