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September 16 2014

Familiar voices for the Destiny video game. Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion voice two of the characters in Bungie's new IP.

Yeah - it's a hoot to walk up to the Nathan voiced character and hear him whisper clever asides. Wasn't aware Gina did voice work on this as well. The delightful Bill Nighy also intones things of Great Import & Exposition. Activision certainly sunk some dollars into this thing ... be interesting to see if it pays off for them
Gina's character is standing right next to Nathan's. Coincidence!?! I think not.
And Peter Dinkage is Ghost. Sure "Game of Thrones" isn't Whedon related, it's just cool that he's there.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! I've been loving the commercials and noticed that Bungie was involved...but since it wasn't a Halo Whoo-hoo!

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