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September 16 2014

Sean Maher returns to space. He has joined the cast of "ISRA-88" and will play Dr. Abe Anderson, a "scientist who begins to lose his mind" during a long mission.

Okay. I'm beyond excited to be honest. I'm just really happy about him cast in anything.

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The end of the universe? That's a long mission.
Well... he wasn't exactly a big fan of the emptyness of space the last time 'round (which, in turn, just makes me think about how many years it's been since I first saw Event Horizon - and why it's been just so many years since...)
According to a write-up from the Michigan Film Office, it's thirteen years. The film office has a more comprehensive plot summary there with some more details. Including that Sean's character volunteers for this in the hopes of fame and glory.
If he even utters something close to, "this must be what going mad feels like," I'll fall out of my seat.

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