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September 16 2014

(SPOILER) Watch the opening scene from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Premiere. Cool new clip from the season premiere.

Looking good. I couldn't understand the last thing Coulson said though.

edit: One other thing. Word from on high was no more origin stories for the movies. It looks like that applies to AoS as well based on this clip.

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Yeah, I had a hard time understanding it, too. At first I thought it was "Good talk" or "Good dog." But then I realized what it was:

"Go dark."
Is this the same as the iTunes preview?
Thanks. I tweaked your headline to show that's its the opening scene. Only 6 days to go!
Interesting - it's just a short scene but that was much better written than just about anything in season 1. Fingers crossed for the kind of massive improvement this show needs
I dunno, Let Down, I felt like a lot of the Season 1 episodes had absolutely fantastic opening scenes. It was the rest of each episode that tended to feel off to me. I do hope that in S2 *everything* starts working!
That's a lot of characters who I don't care about, and it's only a two and a half minute clip.
No prob. When I posted it, I didn't realize it was the opening scene.
This looks like any boring procedural on tv. Here's hoping the episode is more interesting.

I'm ready now...
Cool clip. You should put the date of the premiere in the title.

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