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September 17 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #7. It's the Xander and Spike issue! Sound on Sight loved it and said the issue "succeeds as entertainment with its sense of humor and clear art and also connects to the larger arc of Buffy Season Ten.

In considering a career as a vigilante, Spike makes a slight variation to Shepherd Book's warning to Mal in Our Mrs Reynolds.
Is that Dylan from the Spike graphic novel?
Yes. She is based off JM's wife.
I have my copy of of Buffy # 7,"I Wish Part II of II.'

First I got to say,I really like Nick Brendon paired with Gage.So far all their issues together have been stellar and I thought this one was no different.Looking forward to their next teamup in a few months.

This was a nice Xander/Spike character piece wrapped in a fun MOTW story.The Sirens were fun and I'm sure the Spander fans will enjoy the last part of that.I did get a laugh at the last few lines.

I liked how Xander and Spike dealt with their Dawn and Buffy issues and I'm glad they did not use the book.While I am hoping Spike does move on(He's reached a place of acceptance and him and Buffy are in a good place),I can understand with Xander,the issues with Dawn are just too fresh at this point.

I also liked how phantom Anya factored in.I'm still hoping she's not really back but she was nice usage here.

Nice liitle piece with Giles too.

As for the last panel arrival of Dylan from the recent "Spike:Into The Light",my suggestion maybe is to think of it like Disney/Lucasfilm's new rules for Star Wars in regards to the canon.The only hard canon for Star Wars is Episodes I-VI and the Clone Wars animated series.New hard canon starts with Star Wars: Rebels,Star Wars Episode VII-IX and upcoming spin-off films plus all novels,comics and games [u]going forward[/u] beginning with the just released Star Wars:A New Dawn novel that just came out a few weeks ago.

All expanded universe stuff(like the Dark Horse comics,and previous novels and games) is now no longer canon and under the new "Legends" banner.However the creative teams of the new films and shows can use anything they like if they want from the old expanded universe line.

For example the new big baddie on Star Wars:Rebels,The Inquisitor was created in the expanded universe(a old role playing game) but they are bringing him into hard canon on the new animated series.

That might be the best way to think of this.

The biggest surprise for me was in the letter column and Scott Allie revealing they were going to make Koh a new love interest for Buffy last season.That might of been interesting but I saw no setup for it(they might of already backed off on the idea which is why) unlike with Dowling.Still interesting to note.

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It was a good issue. I just reread the whole scene at the siren's pad and it was just great, a season highlight so far and without any slight Spander preference from me in that. I have no issue with Dylan being taken out of Into The Light but hope they don't reference the unworkable S7 placing in the proper canon title.

It was great to have RI back this issue (I wasn't a fan at all of the art in the last one). The season is going well and there are definitely different areas for individual character development opening up. It would be nice if it was a little more subtle in the writing though, everything is so spelled out, but regardless I am really enjoying it so far.
As a huge Spander fan, I was so delighted to read this issue. I miss these two together. They're so much fun! I do think we needed to see more issues of them together before they get this comfortable with each other. Some lines like Spike's "You're stronger than that" and Xander's "Will you help me get her back?" came completely out of the blue and something I don't see both characters saying to each other at this stage. They need more time before they grow to respect and trust each other. It's not impossible, but it needs time.
I enjoyed reading it. Good story and dialogue. I laughed a lot.It seems though from this that Xander is still having anger issues.I'm not sure living with Spike will help that.
I still don't think Spike looks like Spike in this, other than the blonde hair. What's that line across his forehead supposed to be? Everything else art wise is nailed, Spik not so much.
I admit I wasn't thrilled to see Dylan at the end, although I enjoyed Into the Light well enough. My heart sank a little. I guess I'll always be rooting for Spuffy deep down.
That Koh thing in the letter column came out of the blue for me. What a weird idea. So glad they didn't do that.

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