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September 17 2014

Angel mention in Play it Again Dick. Play it Again Dick is a web series spin-off (sort of) of Veronica Mars.

A comparison of the Friend's spin-off Joey and ATS.

I hate that I don't get to watch it because I am outside the US. I suffered just as much when the new Husbands season came out as well. I hate geo-block.
Yeah, geo-blocks = encouraging piracy around the world!
Cute "OMWF" reference in the behind-the-scenes clip too. I hope they do more of these. ("Play it Again, Dick," I mean, not necessarily the Buffyverse references, which are just an added, self-aware bonus.) Between this and the delightful Spander issue of "Buffy," yesterday was quite a treat.
There are supposed to be 7 or 8 webisodes in total.
I'd like to see it too, and I'm in the US... won't play for me!
Here's the streaming link for the show on Canada's CTV Extend (courtesy of Rob Thomas).

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