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September 19 2014

Is Liam Neeson making Joss' old spec script? Empire Online reports that Neeson has dropped the name "Suspension" as an upcoming film of his, with the George Washington Bridge as a central location--just as in the Joss Whedon script from 1993.

The script is floating around on the internet and easily found, for interested parties.

woah. so toy story was actually joss' spec? i just thought he was one of the staff writers..
and hey, possible new movie to look forward to? i'm in
Joss didn't "sell" Toy Story, that's not accurate. He was one of several writers brought in to help with the script. His contributions were enough that he ended up with a writing credit.
But Suspension was a Joss spec script, pre-Speed. I really hope it is his old script.
I've heard that his largest contribution to Toy Story,
was to remake Woody into a more likeable and sympathetic character.

Which, of course, is a tough sell,
since nobody likes that mean, nasty @#$%^*&, Tom Hanks.
I checked Production Weekly on the off chance that something was listed. No joy. But I do have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career of finding these things out so maybe I can turn something up.
I've heard of this script. I have not read it, however (not for lack of searching - both this and Afterlife have proven most hard for me to dig up). And now it's to become a movie? Directed by someone who's probably not in direct contact with Joss? Historically, that's a gamble, but I guess we'll see what happens.
This seems like total speculation.
I checked one site that used to have the Suspension script. They no longer have the script listed. I'm pretty sure now that the studio is going forward with it, their legal team is requesting that the script be taken down.
GreatMuppetyOdin - email me!
The only trace I found of Suspension was here:
However, looks there is a need to be a site member to have access.
That's hilarious! He wrote that script literally as joke from what I understand.
If this is indeed made to Joss's script, I'm a little cynical about how much Joss will be left in it by the time it hits the screen. For all we know, they'll keep characters' names and two jokes, one of which will be delivered incompetently.
illyrianvertigo, Joss didn't write it as a joke. He has told the story in a few interviews that a producer asked him to write a movie about a dog. Joss told the producer about his 'Die Hard on a bridge' idea and the producer said something along the lines of 'you need to do that - then you'll stop getting pitched dog movies'. It's a lot of work to write a movie script - and as the article says it seems he sold it for around a million dollars.

I can't find it now but I read a review of the scripts for this and Afterlife. The writer said that they both read brilliantly, though Afterlife was the better of the two and Suspension had the problem that it was very similar to Die Hard.

I'm pretty keen to see this happen. Hopefully it is actually the Joss Whedon script and the director does it justice.
Let Down, Fair enough. Well, we can at least agree that it was a joke idea. The executive told him to write it, sure, but he was joking when he "pitched" it. He even said, "I thought it was silly notion." For anyone interested, he can hear him discussing the project on Riki Lindhome's Making It podcast over at Nerdist.

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LOL! Simon!

A Walk Among the Tombstones in theaters today. Hmmm, Universal...
I'm intrigued - it sounds like Neeson is indeed talking about the long-dead Whedon script.

but also: actors sign on for scripts all the time and the movie gets stuck in pre-production hell & never actually get made. I would not count on seeing this until a studio actually ponies up the money to film the movie.
Thanks for pointing me to the Riki Lindhome podcast, illyrianvertigo. I listened to it at the time but it was good to listen again.

Joss mentions that after Parenthood he did a pilot for Quincy Jones. Is there any other information out there about that project?
Brasilian Chaos Man:
I've seen that page, and I tried to join that forum and was rejected on the false grounds of being a spammer.
I guess so many movies now are similar to Die Hard that they figure it doesn't matter anymore.
Thanks, GreatMuppetyOdin.
I believe that at some point this pdf file was availiable in the internet, since a few pages had pointed to as a download file with a simillar size of the one in the previous site (3.06MB).
I'd rather we didn't discuss the ins and outs of where we can downloads of scripts. By all means discuss the scripts, just not where you can get them.
Sorry, Simon. I started the mess, my apologies.
Can someone give me a quick summary of Whedonesque's etiquette on sharing scripts that are oh-so-very-clearly my intellectual property?
Do you mean a script you wrote? Please don't. We generally frown on plugging your own stuff even in comments unless it's extremely relevant.
I was trying to subtly convey that I may or may not have a script to share that could BRIDGE us together. :D
superboy13, my twitter may or not be ;)

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