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September 19 2014

Eliza Dushku talks 'The Scribbler', her 'bro' Joss Whedon and 'awesome' fans. Her new movie is out today in select theaters and on iTunes as well.

"You have to share the Whed!" Just became my favorite phrase ever....
I didn't know this movie was happening ... sounds really cool! I wonder if it's showing anywhere around here.
Terrific performances in this! Eliza Dushku combines 1940s noir elegance with contemporary strength and professionalism as a criminal psychologist--and flashes a whole lot of soul beneath the polished surface. Also: Michelle Trachtenberg as you've never seen her before, and making you wonder why you don't see her in a lot more. The direction's stylish, the story surprisingly surprising, the woman characters strong, layered, complex and fun.

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