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September 19 2014

Official poster for Agents of SHIELD Season 2. Comes with Nick Blood's Lance Hunter included.

I thought Ward would have been facing the other way. Assuming that's him on the top left.
Ward's on the other side of the crack.

There's so much going on in this picture...
Well he has a beard now which made me think that was him.
It's definitely him facing the other way and separated by the crack.
I also cannot tell which is Ward. But yes thematically it makes sense for him to be facing away. The other bearded guy is Lance Hunter?
I'll go out on a limb and say Nick Blood's character is a genetic clone of Ward and that is why I think it's Ward on the left. Either that or I need to get my eyes tested again.
Simon Ooh, I like that theory!

When I first looked at the poster I instantly thought "Ward's facing the wrong way. Oh, look, a crack between him and the others. Oh, cool, their shadows make the 'wings' of the...wait. Is that Ward over there? But then who...oh geez."
My contacts are totally up to date, for the record. The shadows are all a metaphor for SHIELD not knowing who to trust or even which of their guys that is over there.
So basically Season 2 is the team trying to work out who is who in the bunker until the finale when Coulson buys a lightbulb?
Very good theories all. Curious why no one mention Sky?
Question: where's Trip?
See, if Trip were in this instead of Lance, then this which scruffy white guy is which problem wouldn't exist.

More seriously, yeah, it does strike me as odd they included a character we haven't met yet instead of the one that we have and will be sticking around. Or, maybe I'm a bit upset BJ Britt hasn't been promoted to main.
BJ's also in a show on BET, though. I personally think it's scheduling issues preventing that promotion.
Since BJ Britt and Henry Simmons are in the main cast photo released a few days ago, but are listed as guest stars in each episode's synopsis I think that Maurissa and Jed are setting up Trip and Mack as "almost regulars".

Like Ms. Calendar, Faith and Tara were on Buffy. And Lorne was on Angel until Jeff Bell and Joss went to bat for Andy with the network president when it looked like Season 4 would be its last.

I also remember an interview with Maurissa and Jed this summer saying they wanted BJ to be in the cast full time, but there might being scheduling/contract conflicts with Being Mary Jane.

I'm sure if the situation with his other show ever changes we'll see Maurissa and Jed make it official. Glad to see he's back though, regardless of the capacity. I love Trip.

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Whew! I'm glad he's not gone. Cutting him would have been a crime and a shame.

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