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September 21 2014

(SPOILER) Preview of Buffy Season 10 #8 - the Halloween spectacular. This will be out on October 22nd and it features art from Richard Corben.

There is a panel with Spike playing with action figures and it is adorable.
Truly love how the structure of this season is feeling like a TV season. Each issue feels big and tells a complete story. So good.
I'm surprised this was released this early.They just released the preview pages for the next issue of Angel & Faith two days ago.

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Hmm...another winking crossover with the Warren mention.

I would agree Andrew would be easy to mind control but I don't think that is the case since we know Harmony is one of the villains in this issue.

Xander still has some slight guilt over S9, but at least they've abandoned it has the catalyst for his personal problems.
I get that this is meant to be a 'jumping on' point for new readers, but boy are those first two panels exposition-heavy.

I find it interesting just how much Buffy mistrusts Andrew, after we've had it drilled into us for years (even from Buffy herself, no less) that Andrew is 'one of the team'. Not that I blame her of course, because the robot pregnancy/abortion is a fairly significant thing to try and move past, but it seems she still hasn’t really forgiven him, or moved past, his association with Warren – whereas she’s been a lot quicker to forgive other characters (see Angelus, Dark Willow, Xander at the end of last season, etc.)
Andrew goes back and forth with his maturity level. I hope he's not doing something he thinks is "noble."
I hope Andrew will use the book to

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