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September 22 2014

(SPOILER) A review of the Agents of SHIELD Season Two premiere. First review out ... your definition of "spoiler" may vary.

I would say this does have spoilers, since we have discussed how the photos for the third episode are considered a spoiler for what they show. This review includes references that are continued in that episode. If that thread is considered a spoiler, this review might be too, to be safe.
Yes, I think this probably warrants a tag just to be on the safe side.
Is this Lance Hunter guy supposed to be a Spike type of character?
Yeah, I think he's going to be the Spike/Cordy/Janye-type of the show. It's like Joss said on one of the DVDs for Buffy: you don't want everybody to get along too much. Hopefully with Lance and Mack on the the show and Trip back for more (not to mention the great guest stars/characters announced) we'll be seeing more dynamic character relationships.

Now that the set-up is out of the way, I'm hoping the show takes off like Buffy: Season 3 and Angel: Season 2 did. Last year's Uprising arc has me optimistic. As does Maurissa, Jed and Jeff's recent comments that the show won't slow down but will continue to "sprint" like the last seven episodes. I can't wait for tomorrow night.
Not going to read, I don't want to be too spoiled. But I am looking forward to the premiere. I may be late to the party.
Reading that, not upset that I missed it.

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