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"Come here tiny man! You are small and toylike!"
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September 23 2014

The animated adventures of Buffy. A great fan video created by artist Stephen Byrne.

This is great! I had to slow it down to catch all the details.
Right? I love all the little Easter Eggs he included like Puppet Angel, the Big Bad paintings, a reference to shrimp, etc.
Xander's room is around 0:44 is a gold mine of Easter Eggs as well.
Amazing! I would totally watch this.
Oh wow! He even put Simone in the final shot! Really cool. I hope he does an Angel version next!
I would die of laughter if Alyson had ever done that with her hair on the live action show.
Willow seemed to be channeling her inner Tonks...

Gosh darn those books with their pop-up demons! Giving the poor Watcher a heart attack.

Xander w/the Avengers dolls was too cute!
That is the greatest thing I've seen in a while. I want 7 seasons of this !
Shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!
This made my day, is incredible!!!! How awesome would it be if this guy makes all the comics like this???
Great stuff ! Stephen is very talented.
Super fun. A very talented man and a great show.
Totally Cute! We need a full season right now.
The highligts were Mr.Gordo Flying, Sweet in the Campfire and Xander's room with memorabilia of every Joss' works (XMen, Cabin ITW, Avengers, Firefly, Alien, DrHSAB & Toy Story). The only sad note goes for Willow session with Anya and Tara.
They should think about commissioning this guy to shoot all the unfilmed scripts from the original attempt at the Buffy Animated Series.
This was so fun to watch. I really miss watching new Buffy stuff.
I would watch this version of the show. I like it even better than the Buffy Animated presentation.
That was unbelievably adorable. Get this man a Kickstarter now!
All the above and more. Way too good and too short - want more like a second after it ended. Why can't we throw money at him to turn the comics into that?!

And suddenly I find myself with a week off work - Buffy/Angel marathon it is.
Xander playing with a model of Serenity. Made my whole day.

Off to mine the rest for other fabulous details now. Can we get this show produced somehow?

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