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September 23 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x01 "Shadows". Season 2 has arrived! The premiere episode was written by Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon. It was directed by Vincent Misiano.

Final countdown for another season.

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I'm looking forward to this.
"zomg 5 mins"

Dying here!
Woot! C'mon Danciing, let's get this over. And they just kicked off Tavis Smiley. Who does that? Though, I think he admitted that he didn't practice.

But that wig is terrible.
I saw a blue thing! Peggy is soooo dreamy!
Wait, we have George Stephanopoulos joining the Whedonverse. Can we add him to the mast head?
"Allies in London".... Hmmmm.
Was Skye an 084? Is?

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I thought we were watching Agent Carter for a second. ;)
Can I say "Great start?"

Hell. I don't need permission!

Great start!
Aaaaand we meet Absorbing Man!
I've assumed she still is.
Well, we were kind of watching her... Agent Carter.

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Nice pacing for a season premiere.
Wonder if the same will happen when Agent Carter premieres, with a scene from Agents of SHIELD in the present during the teaser, and throwing us back into the past.
Is it just me or does the show have a more lived-in feel, even though we are unfamiliar with the mercenaries and so is our merry crew?

Aaaaaand Fitz is back! Sort of. He's a bit ruder though, though I can see why. But he looks better with the stubble.

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"Was Skye an 084? Is?"

Yup! "Mystery Girl.."

Awww, FItz can't find words. I understand completely.
Fitz is just like me at 7 am before coffee!
"Went to the Dark side..." Ha!
Iain's portrayal of Fitz, reminds me of the way Aly's portrayal of Willow was able to move me to tears with a twitch of the face.
So far they are firing on all cylinders. Fitz/Simmons was heart breaking... and now it's going to get interesting.
Ward's got that crazy man in a cabin look, all glassy-eyed and frantic.
"Iain's portrayal of Fitz, reminds me of the way Aly's portrayal of Willow was able to move me to tears with a twitch of the face."
Numfar PTB

I am not ready to cry, yet.
They've figured out Fitz is the heart of the show. Yes, he's the Alyson Hannigan. It hurts when he hurts.
I have seen what Fitz is exhibiting in people with neurological impairment. I get that transiently. Very well done.
Even when I didn't like the show or what it was doing, I liked Fitz. I'm just glad he's not in his coma.

Geesh, Ward is DARK.
"You should have run faster" Ouch!
Lector/Claryce dynamic? This could be ugly.
He's getting really creepy. Soooooo creepy.
A lot of commercials or do I just want to watch it that much?
I'm guessing moving to 9 pm allowed them to write in Ward's "bad moments." I don't know if you can go there at 8 pm.
Ooh! I was going to say something about Hannibal Lechter, roddikinathome! Great minds... exist somewhere.
Noooo, Fitz. Don't go down rabbit hole! She might not love you! THERE ARE OTHER FISH IN THE SEA!

Oh crap, a water joke. Can't make those right now. It's insensitive.

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Mutant Enemy definitely does feel a lot more comfortable in a show about underdogs.
Isn't Tripp kind of young to be a general?
Coulson is SO BAD at fake conversation. "TALBOT. OUT!"

And yes, Tripp is too young to be a general, but none of the other characters are really old enough, either. And they took Talbot's uniform so it's not like May can wear it.

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This episode is going by way too fast!
"And they took Talbot's uniform so it's not like May can wear it."

The hospital isn't fixing that, guys. You need Simmons.
Simmons left??? Wow!
Where is Simmons? What? oooooh Fitz, I just want to hug you.

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Did not see that coming -- Simmons isn't there. Wow. Poor Fitz.

That said, they'd better bring her back soon.
I actually didn't see that coming. I could have guessed since she never appears in scenes with the others. I really hope him imagining Simmons is his mind trying to heal itself and that Coulson will keep trying to help him. Yeah, they definitely needed the stealth jet but Fitz too. This is to say that selfishly, I still prefer funny, only slightly rude Fitz over brain traumatized Fitz.

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OMG!!! This season is off time a riveting start! It's going to be a long week till next Tuesday!
Reed Diamond is immortal?!
Yay! Looks like Reed Diamond is our Big Bad, at least for a while. :-)
Reed Diamond, the time traveler! Saw that coming, of course, but still. Love it.

And I say time traveler in a Cap. America, cryogenically frozen, type way.

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The Fitz thing was a brtual reveal. So, this is the show at 9 pm. References to suicide attempts, self harm, and someone cuts off someone else's arm. Also Fitz talks to a Simmons who isn't there.
Great premiere tonight but the big shocker IMO was Fitz/Simmons.

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It's sooo much darker. I love it.
My favorite part was when my cable cut off before the stinger asnd preview for next week.


Also whoever called the Simmons thing last week from random screencaps, good call!
Simmons had me crying. CRYING! How could she have left him like that? *whimper*

Yeah, this show is gonna be just fine.
How could she leave? Where did she go? She better have a good excuse. #TeamFitz

Best episode yet! Amazing script, direction, pacing, editing, cinematography, characters. Goodness I loved it so much.

This felt like it lived in the world of Captain America: Winter Soldier. YES!
Great start! I am pleased. And so glad we have Reed Diamond. I kind of tried to avoid most spoilers so that's was fun reveal tonight for me.

The Simmons reveal was well written and played. I am still ouching.

Somethings are still a bit too comic book over the top. The way the team entered and exited (both ways) the base was a little too far out there. Since when do they let a group of unknown people enter with a general? I just don't think that would go that way. Also, that Lucy Lawless's group didn't get killed on the way out of the base? Um, no. They would be dead. Deader then dead.

But that's all. I loved Ward's dark side. I wanted to know what May's been doing. I need to rewatch. I want to rewatch.

So glad it's back.
Also, what was with the EPIC LICENSE PLATE zoom?

Also yes, HOLY CRAP.
You guys are a lot of fun to read during the show. Kind of a MS3K vibe.
Those. Guys. Just. Killed. It.

I thought we might see Lucy Lawless around for a little longer, though let's not write her off just yet. SHIELD still has an impressive amount of toys at their disposal, even though their main resources are cut off. The Fitz reveal is heartbreaking, but at least they are treating it like Buffy's death: such a situation will make for a long, rocky recovery.

The best thing about all of this is that we get eleven (or so) episodes in a row with no 2-3 week breaks. Then Agent Carter. Then more SHIELD!

Can't wait. :)

I loved the guest stars (and Trip) can't wait to see more!
Simmons has a lot of explaining to do.
I was a little worried they wouldn't be able to keep up the momentum and energy from last year's finale. But this episode laid those fears to rest.
The way they did the (as I call them) inception cut from her hand back to her dead body makes me think that other agent is going to do something BAD, so I wouldn't call it quits for Hartley just yet. Then again, Whedon.

Edit: Hrmmmm I wonder if Simmons is in London.

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They did a great job and yes, where did Simmons get such a crazy idea that he was better off without her?

I think she just couldn't handle it. But that's not cool either.
I did not see the Simmons thing coming!Best moment of the episode!

Good: Setting a clear objective for Coulson and the team. Using logically technology to show the team is smart and resourceful but does have it's limits. Someone with powers right out of the gate. Enough action to keep the show moving and a surprise they axed Lucy Lawless so fast. Enough progression in character dynamics. And a clear Big Bad! Keep this pacing up!
And the guy is indestructible so why not just let him walk around in scrub pants and no shirt? Better than Deathlok's laser tag uniform.
Hello, y'all, I've missed you. This episode totally kicked it - and I need to watch it again to sort out all the small moments. Especially the moments with Fitz but not really Simmons. Heart. Broken.

[Edited because wtf with my typing? Obviously am too hyped up.]

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So pleased they hit the ground running ...

Quick hits for me:

*A clearly defined Big Bad - in the hands of Reed Diamond? Yes.

*Think I'm gonna like the English merc. Spike vibe.

*Ward is full cray cray. Far away eyes and broken soul

*Coulson doing bad improv - always amusing

*Did NOT see the Fitz thing coming. Whoooooa.

*The Talbot / Coulson dynamic could be a lot of fun to watch

*Absorbing Man SFX had some nice moments for network TV

*Lawless character dead? AFTER getting her hand cut off. Cruel.

Overall - one of the better episodes of the series, and provides reason to believe the best is yet to come
HOLY SHIT! That episode was so goooood.
Well, Lucy Lawless isn't listed in the guest cast for Episodes 2 or 3, so I kinda think she's really dead. What a shame! I liked her character right off the bat.
Maybe whatever gave her a freaky black hand lets her survive.
I'm really hoping it did. (I did notice Idaho is in guest cast for episode 3, but I'm not very hopeful he'll live long after that. Dies of his injuries that episode or something. I quite liked him too, even though he has like five lines total.)
Sorry to be a downer but I'm pretty sure she's dead. We saw what happened to that solider who touched it and a simple car flip shouldn't have changed anything.
well that was a prety awesome premiere
the fitzsimmons reveal broke me though
did not see that coming
i though there was something off about simmons but oh,shit,leaving?
but somehow...I have this feeling she didnt exactly leave of her own accord
Another reason to feel bad for Fitz, even in his own mind he's stuck in the friendzone!
I'm just dangerously optimistic, Dusk. Nothing to worry about here, I can already feel the bitter disappointment.

I mean, I actually saw the Simmons thing coming. I didn't believe the theories, which were just based on the promo shots, but as the episode went on I thought to myself: her dialogue sounds off and her shots are filmed weird. She's definitely not there.
Well dang, THAT sure was good.

I kinda called the Simmons twist early on in a "I wonder if..." kinda way, because I thought it would be neat, so I was glad they went in that direction.

Definitely liking the new darker storytelling. I think the sort of...wholesome feel of the show was dragging it down last season.

The Ward stuff was great. New cast members also fabulous.

Looking forward to more!
Hey, a version of the show that makes me look forward to it. I'll even overlook the soldiers who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Hello, 9pm.
I'm not a Marvel expert so I need some help. Who was the bad guy at the end?

Otherwise, I thought the episode was really good. Can't wait to see what is going to happen.
My thoughts, in no particular order:

-I was slightly confused when, halfway through the episode, Tripplett and Skye were all flirty. I mean, wasn't he interested in Simmons? Or that is what it felt like. That should have been my clue that she wasn't really there.

-Props, props, props to ABC and Mutant Enemy for having a main character with legitimate brain damage. Fitz had very realistic aphasia. My one concern is whether they will T.A.H.I.T.I. him back to full health (or whether he himself will, or Simmons). I think that is a cheap way out; I would rather see him grapple with the consequences, as sad as it makes me.

-Well, suicidal Ward makes some sense, I guess. I find it kind of hard to believe that he didn't tell her about her father last season when he was trying to get her to trust him (before Deathlok shot him). Unless this was what Raina told him in the finale?

-Actually, on that point, where was Raina? She should return.

-Lucy Lawless, you have been around the world long enough to NOT TOUCH THE MYSTERIOUS KILL THINGY. Bummed that we only had her for one episode.

-Also...maybe this is a strange complaint, but I wish that they didn't kill her until we knew her a bit better. It could have been more emotional a little bit longer now; think of Doyle, for instance. One episode deaths just aren't effective storytelling in my opinion.

-Soldiers should know better about man-who-can-take-on-attributes-of-things-he-touches and clear plastic, but I suppose that the point is that they don't know better.

-Yay Patton! I didn't think we would be seeing him again.

-Isn't there a European equivalent of SHIELD? I wonder if Simmons is there.

-I want the next episode already.
Awesome episode. After the end of last season (which I hated) I wasn't very hopeful, but they are off to a great start. The whole "infiltrating the super secure, super secret army base with ease" plot was not good though. I thought soldiers were trained to shoot people. There was no way any of the Agents were getting out of that facility alive.

Crazy Ward is my new favourite thing. Everyone else is getting that messiah complex vibe off him right? No just me? I just wish they had made him grow out his beard more. ;)
Traumatized Fitz makes for dramatic television but unrewarding television unless he was able to get better. Otherwise I think it would start getting rote because then there's no arc for him.

It would be difficult to sustain an entire season where everyone else got to have adventures and he only had imaginary Simmons and occasionally someone else. I think it would be interesting for maybe half the season. Maybe around sweeps time Simmons comes back, having left to secretly find him a cure or more GH 325. I don't want him to magically get TAHITI'd back to being 100% again but this being TV, it's going to reach the point where he has to play a role in the bigger plot. Otherwise we get into the last few episodes and our heroes are fighting hydra, Fitz is isolated, and there aren't any stakes for him. He can't be the Xander of the Playground, constantly poked at for not having a use beyond "donuts."

My thinking, from an interview Zap2it did with Elizabeth Henstridge, is that Simmons is back sooner rather than later (though they can always have her in her own plot line, instead of at the Playground). There were a few questions about her relationship with Fitz and Trip and she talks about how much she likes Simmons' arc...and that she's coming into her own and having stronger opinions. So obviously she's not imaginary Simmons the whole season. Is that a spoiler? I didn't think so but I'll black it out if anyone thinks so.

I bet she wanted to find something to help Fitz and the debate was whether he'd be better with or without her. On the pro side, he clearly needs her. But she could do more by trying to find him a cure. Maybe I'm just talking out of desperate optimism.

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Guys guys guys. Vault D where Ward is locked up is 1:1 designed like Angelus's cage in Season 4. Everything from the staircase, the room size and the framing of the scenes and the orientation of the cell leaning to the right side of the room. Just with the added benefit of no metal bars one can grab through (but I guess a power outage will at some point become very convenient). :D

That had me super excited. And then the heartbreak began. I don't think Lawless's character is gone for good, simply because of the supernaturalness of the 084 she was exposed to for quite a bit. Even if she's not back next week, it might be a slow-burner for a few episodes in.

The FitzSimmons thing had me in tears. Hadn't even crossed my mind. Going back, the hints are probably very clear but I was so distracted by being glad to have these two doing scenes together again. Wow.
I'm not a Marvel expert so I need some help. Who was the bad guy at the end?

Daniel Whitehall, a.k.a. The Kraken, one of the senior leaders of HYDRA (possibly *the* leader, in this version). He was the Nazi officer Agent Carter captured in the prologue.
Wow, I didn't even recognize that was Reed Diamond as the Nazi in the beginning. Better watch that again!
This was a great episode! I love the relationship between May, Skye and Tripp. Fitz had me in tears. Did they say where Simmons went? With Isabelle Hartley dead, I wonder how loyal Lance Hunter will be to SHIELD. I need to re-watch this episode. Fantastic start to the new season.
do you think simmons went to torchwood? or UNIT?
Simmons is more of a UNIT kind of girl, I think. She'd get frustrated with Captain Jack very quickly.
Still in shock.

XENA OH WHY? ;_____________; we barely knew ya, Agent Hartley.

I knew something was wrong. From the second time Simmons looks googly-eyes at Fitz - I said, maybe all in his head. Then at the end. Oh. My heart! *cuddles the poor broken baby*

Ward mushed his brain and now he's a good crazy? Yeah, not buying it. And even if it's true, screw him.

Coulson's a darker-bamf now. I'm conflicted.

Tripp should keep wearing uniforms. Pretty pretty man. Has he moved on to Sky now that Simmons is gone? Another thing that made me guess Gemma left is that he's not around her.

Love how Billy's siblings are a such a mystery to solve. LOL - LMDs ya'll.

Really like the power couple of May and Skye.

Again. I repeat, WHY Izzy WHY. Hunter is so going to blame Phil for this. Will he still stay with SHIELD? But, really, she should've known better than to touch an 084. You'd think she'd survive after getting her arm brutally cut off. But, no. Still dead. Nice cruel twist of fate writers.

I love Reed Diamond. So does this mean that Dr. Whitehall is immortal or did he freeze himself on and off ala Winter Soldier?

Pretty good season starter. Two people dead & super-body-shifter on the loose - but hey you got a jet that disappears and lost the first mystery object, kinda evens out, right?


Go dark that's for sure.

p.s. I squealed when Peggy opened the show + commandos. And loved the note that she doesn't trust Stark alone with the scary science :D never leave a Stark unattended. Can't wait until that show starts.

p.p.s Who else thinks it's going to take til mid-season break for us to get real info on Skye's father? The object today might be a clue - I'm thinking the imprint it left on Hartley's poor hand will play a starting role (with that and the language Coulson wants to understand).
I liked it, but it certainly hit the ground running and didn't look back. Whedon season premieres usually have this comforting 'first day back at school' feel to them.
I think we're going to know more about Skye's father pretty soon, since Kyle MacLachlan is in a few upcoming episodes, right?

I didn't think Simmons was googly-eyed toward Fitz. I mean, even in his own head, he's in the friendzone.

I don't think anyone's talked about this bit. When Trip is going up the ramp with one of the other agents (can't remember which one), the agent is asking Trip about the girl he's been checking out and Trip sort of mumbles that it's not working out or something. At the time, I thought he meant Simmons, but later he's flirting with Skye and then it turns out Simmons isn't even there... so who is he really talking about? Simmons or Skye? Neither one could be working out for him! Once Fitz gets better, will it be a love square?

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"Ooh! I was going to say something about Hannibal Lechter, roddikinathome! Great minds... exist somewhere."


"Reed Diamond is immortal?!"
the ninja report

Reed Diamond is GERMAN?!?

"The Fitz thing was a brtual reveal. So, this is the show at 9 pm. References to suicide attempts, self harm, and someone cuts off someone else's arm. Also Fitz talks to a Simmons who isn't there."

Yeah, it really stung. I am glad Fitz is here, but brain injury... I'll have more thoughts on this later.
Seriously, though, did nobody else notice the obvious resemblance between Vault D and the Hyperion Hotel basement/cell-setup? Can't be just me^^
"You guys are a lot of fun to read during the show. Kind of a MS3K vibe."

When Momma Bear gave us permission last year, Nebs, Ninja, me and a few others just... brung it. (I hope)
New Rule;
Great opening episode. They just jumped into the action. SHIELD is on the run but obviously had time to regroup and been long enough that Skye is completely accustomed to taking orders as part of the team now and Coulson has accepted his role as director completely. Oh god there needs to be a montage of him on various flights in coach though. Pleeeeeeease?

Didn't see the thing with Fitz and Simmons coming. I was too distracted by how he would forget a word and how much I completely relate to that as it happens to me all the time and it is so frustrating when you know the damn word, you've used it before a lot, it's right there and you can almost FEEL IT, but you're just circling that part in your brain unable to touch it. So, he better get better right quick. I think Simmons went on a quest to find something to fix him. She didn't just leave. Nope. I refuse to believe it.

I think Lucy Lawless will return. But I don't think she'll be the same. So, careful what you wish for.

I don't care if Tripp is too young to be a general, he looked mighty fine in that uniform.

Ward is total crazy pants.
super great.
- All I wanted to know going in was : how bad off is Fitz? and they totally played me. I had the "aw, it's not THAT bad. woof. thank goodness" reaction, which lead to the super gut punch of how bad it really was. that in fact the whole plot of the episode (to steal a single little hover jet for it's cloaking device) is due to the fact that they can't keep waiting for Fitz to deliver the tech.

Very curious how they'll handle kicking him off the team. Guessing Coulson will have to make the hard choice to let him go, which will somehow lead to him falling into a trap where he turns to Ward. predicting much more heartbreak. (NOM NOM).
also wondering if he'll end up so low that he turns into some sort of villain. maybe a sort of Arnim Zola to The Kraken?

- Ward in his cell made me think of Loki in the asgardian force field cell of Thor2. Loved how bonkers he seems. wish they'd just write him more directly as aweful and villainous. If skye walked in and he said "i can smell you," it would have elicited more of a shudder. feel like they're already heading towards ambiguous redemption town, instead of relishing in the villainy.
(but i'm all for a redeemed ward).

- As Coulson turns into the gruff pragmatist (who is sectetly CRAZAY), i hope we see May turning into more of the group mom.

overall, i really dug the pacing. Felt like season 1 was often trying to be mysterious, and waited around for the fans to debate things - but you never had enough info to debate anything!
this episode felt more like "oops i dropped all these mysteries, NO TIME! TOO BUSY ADVENTURING!"

(... but it still kinda feels like dollhouse. like they haven't established the core genre enough to be twisting it into other things. ... like in a cop show, you know where the precinct is, and what their dayjob is, so you can push episodes out into unexpected directions. but in SHIELD, their organization still seems kind of confusing and detached from the real world. ... and is skye still a hacker, or full on agent now? ... not sure how to babble about this... somehow the show still feels like it's about the IDEA of a secret agency, instead of being about a real secret agency)

but whatever. totally entertaining. over all, I give it an A+. Super excited for this season!

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The twist with Fitz (FitzTwist!) reminded me of the final scene of "Brazil." Jed and Maurissa have upped their game.
I really liked the episode for all of the reasons that keep repeating in these comments...ethos, pathos, logos galore!

But there was one thing that bothered me...the first couple segments were hard to hear/understand. Maybe it was a lot of dialog in a small space or maybe it was a lot of voices being heard from at the same time...and maybe it was just the way the delivery was intended but I had to rewind and replay on a higher volume a couple different times. (And more than once on that segment where they were all using their keycards to gain entry) That seemed to go away after the first two segments. Anyone else have that issue?
Good start. I would have liked to have spent some more time getting to know the mercs, but it seems like that might have resulted in time wasted, judging by the ending. I also wanted to know more about 084 they were after. I was particularly disappointed that we didn't get to see the villain touch it and absorb the material it was made of. That could have led to some wackyness!

And Fitz :(. Did not see the twist ending coming at all. Having imaginary Simmons is better than no Simmons, but hope she returns soon.

I also hope that we get to see a little more of their base of operations. It needs to feel a bit more like a real place and even a character in itself. I felt they lacked that with the plane last year too. Compare it to Serenity, Sunnydale High or the Hyperion Hotel and it just feels rather bland. I hope that they make that a focus in the coming weeks, even if that means they do episodes set solely in the base.

Quick question, I'm using means to watch from the UK on the ABC website. Last year, I had to wait a week before it was available without entering in cable company details, but I didn't have any problems this evening. Was that something unusual for this episode or have ABC ditched that requirement on their website now?
Wow! What an episode!
The Fitz-Simmons not being all there really got me. Been ages since a twist on tv surprised me like that..
Also LOVED that they didn't bother to have any kind of made up origin for the Absorbing Man. Just a case of here's the SHIELD file...Another guy with super powers. That's how they should always do it. Keep seeing people trying to guess how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's powers are going to be explained in Avengers 2, if they can't be refered to as Mutants​​, well this is how you do it. i.e Don't bother with an origin. Really not needed in a world full of super powered folks..​​

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I don't think Coulson is kicking Fitz off the team. Coulson is loyal and understands the value of loyalty. Plus, it was his decision to trust Ward and if you want to follow the string, that's what ultimately got Fitz in this position. On top of beating himself up for not seeing who Ward and Garrett were all along, he has to face the fact that he couldn't protect his team. Fitz will get better, guarantee it. Also, this is TV and Fitz needs a recovery arc. It's almost a requirement since a character who stays the same is really boring.
@roddikinathome, @JDL, etc. Can't wait till next Tuesday, if only to go all MS3Ky. That's an acronym that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, so bring earplugs next time.
On the basis of absolutely no actual advance knowledge whatsoever, I expect Fitz to surprise everyone and develop the cloaking technology at just the right, or just the wrong, moment later in the season.
That's a good theory, mozzarellademon.
For eight years now, I've suffered from post concussion syndrome. While I still have a number of symptoms, they've lessened dramatically in severity. In the first several months, I had very severe dysnomia, rather like Fitz's, and I would regularly just have to stop talking for a moment and work through an alternate way to put my thoughts into words. I would often have to talk circles around what I wanted to say until either my audience got it or I figured out a way around the words that I couldn't remember. This still happens a couple of times a day, but early on, it would happen multiple times in a single conversation.

Fitz was my favorite character from the first episode. I hope he heals, but I also hope they don't just erase everything. I would love to see a realistic depiction of someone working around and through a neurologic disability, rather than just getting over one.

I may not be a rocket scientist, but my work is often very cerebral and frequently requires problem-solving and trouble-shooting. The biggest challenges for me, personally, were linguistic and finding workarounds for short term memory loss (including developing new techniques for learning). Obviously, our brain injuries were different and our symptoms and occupational requirements aren't the same, but I certainly think that he could realistically return to working form without a full, miraculous recovery.

I've been on the edge of my theoretical seat over this storyline since the finale and I'm only more excited about it now. Right now, I'm most interested in finding out if he knows that Simmons is an hallucination. I keep wanting to tell him not to talk to her, just because I functioned so much better when I wasn't trying to verbalize everything!
I think Fitz knows that he is hallucinating Simmons. When he was in the lab with May and this weird material started bleeding and looking like flesh (what was that anyhow? did I miss something?), he expressed worry that he was the only one seeing it. When May confirmed that it was bleeding, he quickly acted as if nothing had happened, trying to make people believe he is not seeing things. At the very least, he is questioning what he sees.
And Simmons leaving kind of reminds me of Giles leaving Buffy. I'm not sure if that was her motivation, but if what Phil says is right, she left because she felt he was clinging to her presence and that he would have to let go in order to make true progress. Very reminiscent of Buffy/Giles. But maybe she is out to find some kind of cure after all.

Wonder what will happen with the 084 now. It seems to come from the same planet as, probably, Skyes parents, and she recognized the signs on it from Phil's drawing/scratching.

Ward is a total nut job, and if he can ever be redeemed, that's gonna have to take a really long time and has to be well thought-out for me to buy and accept. He is interesting, certainly, I enjoyed the scene when he and Skye finally faced each other again, but I can't see any romance happening between them, at least not in the next few years - if she felt anything for him but disgust, I'd be severely disappointed. I'm also not really getting the Skye / Trip vibe, I think they're just buddies. I actually felt there might be some future potential between her and the new guy, Lance, I think? If he doesn't turn on Coulson after what happened to his team.

So many things to discuss! I love it! Yet I gotta admit, at times I was a bit overwhelmed. Things have changed so much, so many new people, it was a bit too much for me. I feel that in the last few episodes of season 1, the show finally founds its footing, I finally had a proper grasp of the team, cared about them, and now things are a bit weird again. But I think that will pass a lot quicker this season than last.

I love that they cast Henry Simmons, hope he will show up more often. He was absolutely hilarious in Man Up!, I hope they recognize and make use of that comic potential in him, and don't just take him as the tough big-ass action dude.

@alexreager, I had problems too, which is why I just rewatched the entire episode. But I thought it was just because English is not my first language, and when people start talking at the same time, it gets really hard to understand what they're saying
@Illy, I think so, too, but I'm not certain, and I'd like to be. Just because he knows that he has hallucinations doesn't mean that he knows/remembers that she is one. And the metal was part of the supervillain, so it was turning back into his tissue as they were examining it.
I loved everything that everyone else loved, so I'll just mention how much I liked seeing Crusher Creel grab that ball and chain. This is a villain that has gone toe to toe with the Hulk, so they couldn't put him at that power level for TV. Despite that, they did a really good job recreating him fairly close to how he is in the comics. Throwing in the little touch of having him grab a ball and chain was just gravy.
@QingTing, yeah, as I said, I think he at least questions what he sees, and while I believe he also questions Simmons' presence, that's not certain and I may be wrong :)

And thanks! I hadn't caught that.
@Illy If I'm not mistaken, the object that Fitz was working with that then started bleeding was actually a piece of flesh from the Morphing Man. He touched steal and turned into it and chips fell off when he got shot at. Then evetually it turned back into flesh while on that scope that Fitz was examining it with.
"Fitz was my favorite character from the first episode. I hope he heals, but I also hope they don't just erase everything. I would love to see a realistic depiction of someone working around and through a neurologic disability, rather than just getting over one."

Said better than I would have. I want him better, but don't HANDWAVE IT!
"Can't wait till next Tuesday, if only to go all MS3Ky. That's an acronym that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, so bring earplugs next time."

Or we could gloss the act 'Whedon-Riffing', The thing a 'Whedon-Riff'*, and ourselves 'Whedon-Riffers'?

Put it to a vote?

*Apologies to ye Riff Trax crew.
What is that, anyway? I'm familiar with MST3K, but I don't know if MS3Ky was a typo, reference, or description done in the Whedon Way (with the y at the end).
What is that, anyway? I'm familiar with MST3K, but I don't know if MS3Ky was a typo, reference, or description done in the Whedon Way (with the y at the end).

I'm pretty sure it's the last thing you mentioned.

Just re-watched the episode last night and caught the bit where Whitehall/Kraken says the Red Skull considers the artifact to be the possible "answer to death itself." Which makes me feel a lot better about Lucy Lawless' future prospects on the show.
Watching this episode, I felt I was watching a different show or the third or fourth season of SHIELD. It was really good. Kudos. It certainly packed a lot in.
Simon, I agree wholeheartedly. Plot, dialogue, characterization, music- everything was wonderful. It felt like the series really matured. Last season, I never wanted the show to drastically change; I just wanted it to do what it was already doing much much better.
Even the action sequences were done well, except for the soldiers shooting at the end. That was embarrassingly bad, and it still feels like they have a completely different production crew choreographing and filming the bigger action sequences.
Overall, the premiere made me both excited and hopeful for season 2.
Just watched it. Seems like a significantly stronger show than last season. The absorbing man was freakin' awesome. Is Lucy Lawless really dead already? Who was that woman on the motorcycle chasing the quinjet? Nice little moment of tragedy when it is revealed that Simmons left and Fitz has been talking to himself the whole time. Coulson's speech seemed a little too melodramatic, but I felt like they redeemed themselves when it was punctuated by the sudden appearance of absorbing man who wrecked the car and took the obelisk. I like the more violent, darker tone. They also did a better job of making us feel that no one is safe and bad shit can happen. I hope we get a lot more of that.
Who was that woman on the motorcycle chasing the quinjet?

I thought that was Skye?
I'm pretty sure it was Skye... and fortunately for her, the guys shooting at her were trained in marksmanship by Imperial Stormtroopers.
I thought it was May on the cycle but now that I think about it, it makes more sense for May to be flying the quinjet at the end since she's a pilot.
I thought that was Skye as well but I was confused as to why she didn't get on the plane with May.
I didn't like that Lucy Lawless' character got killed right after the arm removal. Made the arm removal scene kind of pointless.
Also wondering if metal guy now has flesh chunks missing?
Kinda weird that they already let Skye basically on her own during a shootout on a military (!) bases (lack of aiming skill aside) and make her steal a bike while they just fly off. Pretty insane considering she's still somewhat of a rookie in the field.
After thinking about it and rewatching the episode I have come to the conclusion that Shadows is right up there with the best season openers of the Whedon series. Most of the season openers are kinda clunky because they have to take on the task of reintroducing the characters to the audience and starting a new plot line(Whedon shows have a habit of resolving the main plot lines in the previous seasons due in part to the cancellations always hanging over their heads) and are usually not the best episodes of their respective seasons so if previous Whedon shows are anything to go by (and I have faith in the writing team) we're in store for a real treat. I'd rank this episode up there with When She Was Bad, Bargaining, and Deep Down; The best season openers of Whedon's shows.

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I do find it odd that the military base apparently had no vehicles with which they could have pretty effectively pursued a girl on a motorcycle.
The motorcycle confused me too, and I thought it was May on there, but it's true, she should be piloting the plane. Hmmmmm.

The whole shooting action scene was ridiculous, but I can overlook that if it doesn't happen too often.
Boy is everyone going to have egg on their faces next week when the show opens and it's Skye leading a chase sequence of military vehicles and it turns out the motorcycle has a special bullet proof force field, which is why they stole that along with the plane...


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Its May on the Motorcycle in the new clip which means Tripp was piloting the plane I would think.
I watched the show again this evening and noticed that when Lucy Lawless took the 084 out of its case, for a second or so you could see symbols on the flat part of it like what Coulson and Garrett drew, with super-straight lines and three narrow diamond-shaped thingies close together.
So yeah, definitely May on that motorcycle :D
...and it finally hits the UK!

Wow. Just . . . wow.

I did not see the Fitz/Simmons reveal coming. It's the sort of thing where you half-wonder if the contrast's going then realise it's because your eyes are now the size of dinnerplates. Oh the poor want to hug him (though he'd hate that).

One thing I'm wondering - when Skye used Koenig's control pad she hit 'opaque', but we just saw it from his side, so I wonder if she heard Ward say 'about your father'?

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