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September 24 2014

(SPOILER) Photos from Agents of SHIELD 2.03, 'Making Friends and Influencing People'. It airs on Oct 7th

The link wasn't working properly but it should be ok now.
I wonder why BJ Britt is not on this episode's credit-list published earlier, but obviously in this photos.
I just watched 2.01, ans was pleased with the increase in quality, but i still feel the look of the show is really quite dull for a superspy show set in a comic book universe. I feel this is reflected in the promo shots.
Yes that would be my one issue with the show. Arrow Season 1 was incredibly well shot and punched above its budget on many occasions. Agents of SHIELD not so much. Gotham was lovely to look at too.
It's hard for me to really articulate why I don't like how SHIELD is shot, since I'm not a director and have not studied directing. It's just that sometimes, I think the show is too straightforward and tends to "show the dialogue" if that makes sense. When people are talking, it just flips back and forth instead of using the camera and the angles to help tell the story.

In Serenity, when River is on the platform and the camera is focused on her while we listen to the conversation off-screen. Or to use Gotham as an example, when Oswald is helping Fish's goons beat the guy in the alley, the camera angle goes in tight to show Oswald look up at one goon (off screen) and laugh. We don't need the goon's reaction, but it helped tell the story to push in on Oswald's face, see the menace in his eyes, and the yellow in his teeth.

I don't see these kinds of examples used in SHIELD. When Coulson and May are talking in his office, and he's getting ready to leave for a trip, I found the distance between them perfectly natural but the camera was also physically at a distance, as if the director really wanted you to see the whole office rather than focus on the conversation and storytelling taking place.

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I will say there was occasionally some direction in Agents of SHIELD that was memorable. I loved the opening scene in Sweden with the men in red masks. That really stood out for me on a visual level. Joss' Paris scenes in the pilot were great too.
I really liked the opening shot with the men in red masks, too. I think part of what made that work is the scale of it. It had an element of spectacle that I don't think gets replicated very much. Some of that is because of set design. There are episodes where they enter secret bases and they look like warehouses. There's just no spectacle or scale to it.
I really like the look of their new engineering technician, he reminds me a lot of The Rock. Which is always a good thing!
Im hoping they keep scenes in the Bus to a minimum this season. It's a dreadfully dull set.

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