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September 25 2014

Amy Sherman-Palladino talks about being influenced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Gilmore Girls creator tells Vulture, "Buffy was of the time when you really watched TV. Like, it was appointment television."

I would've been more surprised if she weren't, really! Gilmore Girls is one of the very, very small number of shows which I love nearly as much as BtVS.
It really was appointment TV.
Rory mentioned Spike and Drusilla on Gilmore Girls, which made me really happy when I was watching the show for the first time on DVD.

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Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows and Amy Sherman-Palladino is my second favorite TV writer. You guys should check out Bunheads if you missed this gem.
Bunheads was fun. (And I am an Erma Bombeck fan, too!)
Great to see so much love for Amy and The Gilmore Girls here. I really liked Bunheads too, it's a terrible shame it was cancelled so quickly.
Gilmore Girls is also one of my all time favorites. And it's not the first time Amy speaks of her love for Buffy, which is not surprising at all.
I would watch Gilmore Girls with my mother and then we would fight because I was almost always on Lorelei's side and my mother would almost always side with her mother. Good times.

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