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September 26 2014

If Ayn Rand wrote Buffy. Courtesy of The Toast.

I strongly approve.

...of this characterization of Ayn Rand, that is.
The first one is brilliant ! O_o
Very clever and entertaining.
Yeah that sounds about right. Regarding Ayn Rand, I once read this web comic about her life, as strange as that sounds:
It's quite a good read. There were several injustices in her life and you can see how those shaped her world view. It's still hard to feel sympathy considering how unsympathetic she was to others. Although I'd guess she wouldn't want sympathy.
She would charge to hear your sympathy, and then denigrate you.

Loved this!
I knew this time was coming, who could redo BtVS. Actually, I'm all for it as long as they get the concept right.

Question is, the concept....
The ideas of the sovereign individual and the free exchange of goods and services are rather revolutionary and recent ideas that have been responsible for much of the vast wealth creation that's occurred over the last couple of centuries (and actually require a high level of trust and cooperation between individuals to function well). Unfortunately, like most zealots, Rand took those ideas to their illogical extreme, loaded them on a bus, and ran it over a cliff.
Didn't Anya already cover this in S6E04? "Start charging."
I think Michael Moore jooked already, in one of his movies, about the "Charging" speculating the what if of firemen just acting after being paid by their "clients".
I have a problem with the first one. I mean, maybe it still works for the point of the piece, but I have a problem with some people in the comments (on The Toast) claiming that this would have averted Angel losing his soul. I seem to recall that in the episode, it is not until after they are done having sex, when they are just lying in bed together sleeping, that Angel feels his soul start to slip away. The point is not that he can't achieve orgasm but that he can't achieve perfect happiness, and being intimate with Buffy, being that close to her and sharing that kind of experience with her, is what gives him perfect happiness. I argue that, no matter what kind of sex they had for their first time, and whether he had an orgasm or not, he would have lost his soul. The point was that he was reaching a new level of closeness with Buffy, and it made him feel human in a way he hadn't felt in 100 years. That's what was so happiness-inducing.

I dunno, does anyone agree with me? Or am I crazy? Or maybe I'm just crazy for being so annoyed about it? :)

Edited to add that it is moments like these, when I get so nitpicky about the details, that I realize what a humongous geek I am.

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johanna, in my opinion you're not wrong.

About Angel or about being a humongous geek. But that's why we're all here, no?
Johanna, that seems like the least emotionally intimate love scene I've ever read. I can not imagine that scene being followed by cuddling.
Jason_M_Bryant, you probably was luck enough to not see the pilot of How to Get Away With Murder. Just wonder an reverse of Bill Clinton and Monica L.
... it would not be "Buffy."

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If Ayn Rand had written Buffy I would never have watched. ..

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