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September 26 2014

CSTS events in Atlanta, Grand Prairie, Nowra, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Tucson this weekend. Three countries, 7 Cities, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Browncoats: Redemption, "Zoe's Shootin' Gallery" game, "Joss Whedon Jeopardy" hosted by Captain Hammer.

Also Costume contests, photobooth, evil laugh contest and more.

Here is the find another event page.

Thanks for the plug, Anonymous1. We're hoping for a good turnout in Grande Prairie, Alberta on Sunday.
You are welcome! Good luck!
Nowra sounded as though their screening was great and I know that Toronto's was even if I didn't win what I wanted to!
Wish I had known about the one in Philly tomorrow with more than a 12 hour warning! I always miss these things, because I find out about them too late!
Had a great time in Orange County last week!

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